When drinkin Earl Grey have it with fine pate or ham and mustard sandwich’s or crème brulee or Leicester cheese, to enhance the flavour of the tea and/or food.


8 thoughts on “TEA PAIRINGS,..

  1. A novel combination – I’d have thought the mustard in the sandwiches would argue with the tea, but actually it’s quite a strong flavour, so maybe not … a lovely idea, to match tea with food; we do it with wine, to great effect so why not?


      1. I drink lots of different teas (used to laugh at a male friend for this and now I probably have more than him!) and sometimes, a particular one will refuse to be paired with the meal – it just doesn’t appeal. Definitely worth looking into!

        I’ve also thrown the odd tea bag into the water when boiling rice – jasmine, or chai, give a lovely delicate flavour.


      2. You obviously have a much bigger collection of different flavours of teas – I must try some more – I only have a small collection but quite fancy putting them into the rice like you have suggested. Thnks for that tip Opal. Hope your back is better now? x


      3. I live near an outlet village with a Whittard’s and regularly raid it. I love orange and cinnamon Roobois. I’ve got cherry tea from there and a rose hip one, both with the whole fruits in – you can practically chew the cherries! They’re wonderful. Have you tried Lady Grey? I love it; citrusy and less perfumed than His Lordship’s …

        My back is a lot better, thanks – I’ve been swimming and have started doing my yoga stretches again, though I can’t believe how much flexibility has gone AWOL; from getting my head to my knees, I can just about get them in sight! I do some yogic stretching in the pool if it’s not too busy; it uses different muscles because I have to pull myself down into the water, rather than prevent myself sinking too far on land! I have a wonderful Shiatsu massage cushion but its plug cable has worn out and I’m trying to get another; luckily the supplier is local. How is your back at the moment?



      4. No, I havent tried any of those you mention but was at a girlfriends the other day and she gave me rose petal which was lovely.

        Glad you back’s better, pain is very draining. Do be careful with your bending over as that is not a good exercise for low back pain.

        I’ve really suffered with my Fibro this week with the change of temperature so all I want to do is sleep. It affects my back and shoulders big time and the pain just exhausts me which I guess is why I want to go to bed. I have to rest a lot at the moment, but it will pass. Your take care, 🙂 x


      5. I like rose petal too – it reminds me of Turkish delight! I’ve had a couple of teas I didn’t like; vanilla, cinnamon and cardomon was truly disgusting! Those come in handy when you get a cold though and need lots of steam and can’t taste anything … 🙂

        Pain is wearing, mine was minor compared to a lot I know, but I’m not used to it and prefer not to get used to it! The yoga stretches I do involve bending from the hips, rather than actually bending the spine – it works as long as you’re careful. I really hope you’ll feel better soon. Have you tried acupuncture? I’m guessing Yes but thought I’d ask …? Is the Paingone Pen helping?



      6. Hi – yes, I have tried acupuncture – I am under a pain consultant at a pain clinic who moves me around each area of pain relief, you can have 6 sessions of each one, like massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy etc so he just keeps me going to them all. I find the pain gone pen excellent for my foot pain but it doesn’t seem to touch my low back pain. I really must get stuck into the book I said I would write as I have tried everything in the book. :)x


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