Try and make your coffee with 1% fat milk instead of semi-skimmed milk for a healthier heart. You will not taste the difference but semi skimmed milk contains 70% more than 1 % fat milk. A daily serving of two 200ml glasses of semi-skimmed milk amounts to 4g of cholesterol-raising saturated fat compared to 2.4g in the 1% fat milk.

Also filter your coffee to cut your cholesterol. Apparently unfiltered brewed coffee contains traces of oily substances called cafestol and kahweol, which can increase blood cholesterol. So swapping to the filtered sort will get rid of the problem as the fatty residues are held back by the filter. Of course instant coffee is fine.



  1. I don’t care for instant coffe at all. And wonder whether all fat is bad? Couldn’t a little be part of one’s diet? Wouldn’t it be better to just lower general intake, but keep a little of those things one loves?


    1. Yes, I agree with you Shimon, they seem to come up with something new every day that we should either eat or not eat at all. If you followed everything there would be nothing left to look forward to, I’m sure of that. I hope your keeping well Shimon πŸ™‚


  2. 😦 I use semi-skimmed milk and coffee made in an expresso maker thingy…. shucks… and I’ve no idea what my cholesterol level is so maybe I should get that checked out! Thanks for the info Barmac!


  3. I had mine checked at the local chemist. They refered me to my GP. He said that whilst I did the correct thing the best checks for reliabilty are done in the labs at the local hospital. Their checks revealed a lower count but still high enough to warrant a 3 month Statin trial. Whilst I am not overly high it is always best to check it out and take some action. There may be a temporary blip which may revert with a little help.
    Keep up the very interesting and useful posts.


    1. I agree with you Denise that you should really go to your GP and have these sort of tests done properly but at the same time if it gets the ‘frightened’ patient to get it done at the chemist then that must be a good idea.
      Glad you enjoy my posts πŸ™‚ x


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