Henrietta Lovell, nicknamed The Tea Lady wants to reintroduce us to the joys of real tea.

She would like you to sip it from a vintage bone china cup and enjoyed with a crunchie biscuit or a cucumber sarnie.

She sources and sells exclusive, uncommonly tasty teas from Asia and Africa.

She started ‘The Rare Tea Company’, after losing her father to cancer within three months of him being diagnosed with it. Feeling that she wanted to seize the moment, she researched her passion for tea and in 2004 started the rate tea company.

Part of Henrietta’s time is now actually spent offering tea tasting to would be connoisseurs.

Her teas are available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and has some strange names like the ‘Royal Air Force Tea’, which she said is ‘calming in times of national peril and fortifying when courage is required’.


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