Legend says that the Chinese were the first to invent tea and also teapots. The first ones were made around the 8th century, and appeared during the Sung Dynasty (960-1270) and the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

These teapots were made of porcelain and were commissioned directly from Chinese artisans. They were very expensive as they were brought half way round the world which in those days took around three years to get there and back.

They were also quite a status symbol of the well to do, however the desire of the middle classes to also enjoy a nice cuppa fuelled a huge new market for teapots not made in porcelain but other alternatives.

Now in the 21st century, we have some 300 years of European teapot tradition and innovation to draw upon. Out teapot heritage runs from ‘Wedgewood’s Creamware’ to the many and varied influences of Victorian teapots.



5 thoughts on “TEAPOTS…

    1. It’s my teapot which I was given when we got married and its Royal Doulton Counterpoint – do you like it Shimon? x we had a full set of cups and saucers and coffee cups and saucers but only have the tea and coffee pots still ok with the odd cup and saucer. I cant get them anymore 🙂


      1. It’s a very nice teapot. I was wondering, because you mentioned Sung and Ming, and I thought that perhaps there was some historic significance to this teapot too. I myself have a very different one. Thank you very much for your valuable information.


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