Instead of using a slow cooker you can use a new type of slow cooker called a ‘wonderbag’.

It’s insulating materials let you slow cook food without adding to your gas or elecricity bill.

Depending on the recipe, you’ll need to cook your dish on the hob first, but only for a short time. Then pop your cooking pot into the drawstring bag and leave it to finish cooking. Brilliant for camping with.

If you go to their website you can browse through recipes or purchase one for £38.

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8 thoughts on “COOK WITH A WONDERBAG…”

  1. Yeah but……Tesco are flogging a 3.5 litre slow cooker for £16. Astrid once cooked rice in a leaf wrapped in a leaf wrapped in a bag wrapped in a leaf….or something without heat.


    1. I think this would be great for camping but I do love my slow cooker, especially in the winter and like you say they are sooooooooooooooo cheap nowadays. Apologies for delay, been away a couple of days.


    1. I use my slow cooker in the winter quite a lot yet never in the summer, wierd really as you camp in the summer and this would be ideal. Think my daughter would like it as they are big campers 🙂


    1. Yes it’s the same, just a modern version of it. I could see my daughter using it when they go camping but I prefer my slow cooker. Apologies for late reply I’ve been away a couple of days.


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