make tea not war

Another tea blog from across the pond is The SorotiTea Sisters otherwise known as Jennifer, Anne and Joely. Their collaborative blog features hundreds upon hundreds of detailed reviews of all different kinds of tea, all handily organised by variety, as well as weekly giveaways.

Anne says she learnt very early on in her career as a tea artist that everyone has different preferences, and every single tea tastes differently on every single palate. So just because one of us doesn’t happen to like a tea, doesn’t mean that YOU (the reader) will not.

You might not even agree with one of their assessments of a tea, but they say ‘that’s OK… if we all liked the same exact tea – we’d only need ONE kind of tea and that sounds really boring, indeed!’


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I am a mum and wife to a lovely caring family. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for over 30 years and started writing my first blog in 2007 which covered back and chronic pain. Since then I have written many more blogs for myself and customers. I find it takes me away from my pain to another place. I love it so much I think it should be part of a recovery process after illness or surgery. I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs.

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