Advantages and disadvantages of tea


Tea – Tea is very popular soft drink in all over the world including India especially in winter season. All types of teas are made up of plant Camellia sinensis. Each and every person likes tea after breakfast or in evening.  There are popularly two types of tea

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  1. Black tea
  2. Green tea

Advantages of tea – There are some benefits of tea which are discussed below

  1. Tea has antioxidants which is helpful in slow down aging due to regenerates and repair of the cells.
  2. Tea is helpful to prevent the creation of dangerous blood clots which is the main cause of heart attacks and stroke.
  3. As per researches, the persons who take daily tea so they have stronger bones compared with  non-tea drinkers.
  4. The tea is helpful in lower the risk of high blood pressure.
  5. Tea is benefit in decreasing the cholesterol.
  6. As per research, consuming daily tea may lower…

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