On July 7 every year, World Chocolate Day is celebrated and people dive into the love of the sweet delight. Chocolate doesn’t need a particular day to be celebrated but it just gives you a chance to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It is one of the most cherished sweet delights and is loved by almost everyone. There are many dates around the year promoting variations of Chocolate Day. Many chocolate lovers state, that July 7 is a real Chocolate Day to be celebrated around the world or, at least, in Europe, since the history of this holiday is connected with the history of chocolate in Europe.

The introduction of sweet delight dates back to 1550 in Europe. As per the legends, chocolate was first introduced into the European culture on July 7, 1550. Until then, chocolate was only popular with the natives of Mexico and parts of central and South America. It is upon this discovery by foreign invaders, that chocolate travelled to other parts of the world and became a mainstay wherever it went.

The two products most vital to chocolate production come from this cocoa liquor paste. Cocoa powder is produced and packed for purchase at grocery stores so that we can bake the beloved roasted taste profile into our cakes and cookies, while cocoa butter is produced so that manufacturers can use it as an ingredient in their chocolate bars.

Dark chocolate, which tastes most like its mother seed, is simply a mixture of cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar. Milk chocolate includes those three ingredients plus a smattering of milk powder. At this point, chocolatiers can add things like nuts, salts, and syrups to elevate the flavour profile. Once cooled, the mixtures harden into the shapes of their respective moulds, are wrapped in paper, and shipped to our favourite stores and candy shops.

Looking for ways to celebrate this scrumptious occasion? Why, eat chocolate, of course! Dive into our delectable resources for some yummy ideas:

  • Looking for something yummy to try at home? Try this delicious recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It’s a great, simple way to introduce little ones into the kitchen and get them acquainted with measuring, stirring and baking.
  • Or, want to immerse your kiddos in World Chocolate Day? Try this bumper lesson-plan pack. It comes with fun recipe ideas, PowerPoints, activities, and more!

Fun facts about chocolate

  • The Mesoamericans prized cacao so highly that it was used as currency.
  • It was touted in Europe as a healing tonic. We know today that the darker the chocolate, the better, as it’s full of antioxidants and helps the brain to release ‘feel-good’ chemicals (that make you happy!).
  • The cacao industry is now the most booming in West Africa. There are approximately 1.5 million cacao farms there!
  • The Mayans also loved their chocolate, naming it the ‘food of the Gods’. They worshipped ‘xocolatl’ (‘bitter water’), and it was an integral part of their religious and social lives. The Mayans can be credited for being the very first baristas, as they fermented the beans then dried, roasted and ground them into a paste, much like modern-day chocolatiers. They poured their mixture back and forth to get a foamy head, much like a latte.

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