British Food Fortnight – 17th September to 2nd October 2022.

The aim of the fortnight is to encourage everyone to discover the diverse and delicious food on their doorstep and make them more aware of what’s grown, produced and available right here in Britain.

This is the 21st year of the national celebration of British food. It is set to be the biggest and most popular food event with communities and organisations across the country making plans to take part.

Love British Food list some of the activities that are going to take place.

Fun activities, foodie lessons and special menus in hundreds of schools.  Teachers are organising special lessons to teach the young about the food grown on their doorstep.  School catering managers are running British Food Fortnight menus.  And the Local Authority Caterers Association is supporting at a national level.

Menu promotions in pubs, restaurants and major food service venues.  There will be British Food Fortnight menus in your local pub and restaurants.  Catering facilities in venues as diverse as the Houses of Parliament, the British Army, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, HM Prisons and farm shop cafes are taking part!

NHS Trusts are organising British Food Fortnight menus in hospitals across the country.  The Chair of the Hospital Food Review who also leads on food as part of the NHS England Improvement Programme is encouraging NHS catering managers to celebrate British produce in staff and visitor areas and on patient menus.

The University Caterers Organisation is encouraging its members to create special menus using British ingredients and to highlight British food on student menus.  Universities are using British Food Fortnight as a great opportunity to support local businesses, raise awareness of British ingredients and educate young people about healthy, quality produce in the university environment.  Fresher’s Week coincides with the Fortnight in many universities so it is the perfect time to celebrate!

British Food Fortnight promotions, meet the producer events and tastings in shops and markets.  Look out for seasonal British food in the major supermarkets.

Hundreds of care homes are taking part as they do every year. British Food Fortnight is hugely popular with residents.  Special menus and lots of fun activities are planned.  The National Association of Care Catering is encouraging Local Authority Caterers and independent care home operators to embrace the national foodie celebrations.

Communities are coming together to celebrate the food produced on their doorstep during British Food Fortnight.  Villages, market towns and large cities are marking the national food celebrations.  British Food Fortnight takes place at the traditional time for celebrating the harvest so it is a time worn tradition for communities to come together. 

Wonderfully joyful food festivals give people the opportunity to meet some of Britain’s very best producers.  From Thame Food Festival in Oxfordshire, to the Ginger and Spice Festival in Shropshire to the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales; there are fabulous events for all the family to enjoy.

Lots of activity on social media. Please follow @LoveBritishFood for all the latest updates and to see what all our wonderful ambassadors are doing during the Fortnight.

For lots more details and information on Food Heroes, Why Buy British, Whats Happening and Resources head to the LoveBrtish Food website.

Source: LoveBritish Food


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