There are several traditional Devon and Cornwall cream tea companies who are open to delivery, and they don’t just delivery to Devon and Cornwall.

You can get a delivery to your home from any of the following companies:

  • Devon Heaven – Cream Tea Hampers from £19.95 by post
  • Delimann – Cream Tea Hampers delivered to your door from £20.95
  • Devon Hampers – Cream Tea Hampers delivered to your door from £13.95


Are you overlooking your health? Do you have niggling worries that you don’t ever get checked out? We all know that we should be doing more to take better care of ourselves, but how many of us actually do it? 

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Taking good care of yourself means eating a well-balanced diet that is packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep and relaxing from time-to-time, exercising every day, and doing something for your mental health and wellbeing such as meditation, socializing, or doing a hobby that you love to do.  

But aside from doing all of these things every day to improve the condition of your physical and mental health, you should also make sure that you get regular check-ups in some of the main health areas of your life. 

You may not notice health problems as they start to creep up on you, often the warning signs are there but they are hard to spot. It is therefore essential that you go for regular check-ups. 

In this post, we’ll look at some of the key areas of your life in which you should be getting a routine health check-up. 


Hearing loss is something that really can creep up on you quite slowly over time. You may not notice that your hearing has been dulled over a long period, and you may not know about the fact that you are losing your hearing until others point out that you may be having problems. 

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It is essential that you go for a hearing test if you are experiencing any degree of hearing loss. In your hearing test, an audiologist or a hearing aid specialist will help you to identify the cause of your hearing loss and suggest ways that you can treat it. The type of treatments that you may have could range from having your earwax drained, taking medication for an infection, or getting a hearing aid fitted. 

If you do need to get a hearing aid, you may be worried about wearing a cumbersome device that will look out of place on your ear or be uncomfortable. Hearing aids have, however, come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. They are now, not only subtle, but they are also comfortable to wear. You can even get a hearing aid that works with your smartphone and other devices. 

In order to help your hearing health, you should make sure that you get plenty of zinc in your diet along with potassium and omega 3


One area of your health that shouldn’t be overlooked is your mental health. Stresses and strains in our lives can build up and if you don’t pay attention to your emotional wellbeing and how you are feeling, then you may find that you develop anxiety or even depression. 

Try to pay attention to how you are feeling at any given time. Think about your emotions and your moods each day and try and identify any potential changes that you may be experiencing. If you do notice that stress, anxiety, or depression are becoming factors in your life then you should find ways of slowing down. Talk to your doctor at the earliest possible opportunity and talk to them about any concerns that you have for your mental health. You may also want to look into finding yourself a counsellor or therapist that you can talk to about some of the problems that you may be experiencing in life that may be having a negative impact on your mental health.  

Think about how much sleep you are getting. Sleep is essential for your mental health and mood. You should aim to get at least eight hours worth of sleep each night. If you are someone that struggles to get to sleep, try avoiding using phones, tablets, or laptops for at least an hour before you go to bed. Use a sprinkle of lavender oil on your pillow to help you to relax at night so that you drift off into a natural sleep. 

Try and get exercise each and every day. Even just a small amount of exercise will help you to get on top of your mental health issues. If you are not used to exercising, start off with a small achievable amount of exercise that you know that you will be able to complete. Then, as you get used to exercising at this level on a regular basis, slowly increase the amount and the intensity of your exercise. Before you know it, you will have improved your physical fitness and will start to feel good about your mental wellbeing too. 

There are changes in your diet that can help you with your mental health. These changes include cutting back on the amount of caffeine that you consume, getting more leafy greens into your diet, eating more whole grains, and enjoying some fresh berries. 


While you may believe that you have fantastic 20/20 vision, the truth is that this can change over time, It is essential that you get your eyes tested at least once every two years. You might have had subtle changes in your eyesight over a period of time and this might cause you to strain whenever you look at things. In turn, this can cause you to develop headaches. 

If you are a driver, then it is even more important that you get your eyes tested and that you are able to see clearly. Getting a regular eye test will ensure that you are able to see the hazards that could endanger your life and put you are risk of endangering the lives of others. 

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If you have been told to wear glasses by your optician, then you should do so. You can buy prescription glasses online easily, check here for glasses that are similar to your tastes. 

Other ways that you can take better care of your eyes include wearing good quality sunglasses with a UV factor of 400 or more. On sunny days, you run the risk of burning your eyes in the sunlight. It is essential that you protect them from the sunlight. 

To take care of your eyes, look for foods that are rich in beta carotene– these include carrots, squashes, sweet potatoes, and fruits such as apricots. 


You may not really enjoy visiting the dentist, and there are not many people that would be able to say that they do, however, it is vital that you take a trip to see your dentist every once in a while.

Just because you don’t have any pains in your teeth or gums, it doesn’t mean that there are not any issues lurking below the surface. A full inspection of your teeth will help your dentist to spot any of the early warning signs that there is tooth decay. This will give them a good headstart in arranging the necessary treatments as well as providing you with the right advice to help prevent you from having further damage to your teeth. 

The more advanced warning that your dentist can get about problems that affect your teeth, the less likely you’ll be to need expensive, or even painful dental work. 

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In order to protect your teeth, you should always ensure that you are getting plenty of calcium in your diet. You can get this through eating dairy products as well as leafy green vegetables, tofu, and nuts. 


It can be very easy to ignore all of the aches and pains that our bodies throw at us, but these are important warning signs that we really should be paying attention to. 

It is definitely worth having a general health check-up every now and again. Issues such as cancer or heart disease could be fatal so it is essential that you catch these early. Have your blood pressure checked occasionally. You should also attend a cancer screening that will help you to get ahead of these major health problems before they become a major concern. This will give you the very best chance of recovery and survival.  

It is important that you don’t overlook your physical health and that you take the time to have all of the right tests carried out. 


It can be a challenge to find the time for your health. However, you only get one body and you only get one life. Although life can be busy, consider how a major change in your health would affect your lifestyle. It is much better to catch health problems early and to address them straight away than it is to develop life-changing conditions. 

Make time to call your dentist, doctor, or optician and make an appointment to see them today. Then, make sure that you visit them all on a regular basis.  

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Here are my pick of 5 amazing stores for all you need in your home.

1. If you like Nordic cool,then Skandium is perfect for you. With great Danish and Swedish lifestyle products. It has an easy and user-friendly online presence which offers an even broader range of products than those found in store. Expensive products but very unique.

2. One of my absolute favourites the Conran shop. Sitting at the higher end of the spectrum, it is a fantastic place for finding gifts and furnishings, from quintessential brands to lesser-known boutique artisans.

3. Zara home, another favourite of mine and one I would always visit when in Spain to look for something not available in the U.K. It has achieved a clever fusion of Spanish chic and Nordic simplicity in a haven of whites and taupes. I’m really into linen table collections of which they have many and…

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I don’t know about you but I could spend literally ALL day looking through kitchen accessory sites and still end up with a list of must have’s. My favourite four which I’m always browsing are –

1. The White Company – I just love everything white in my kitchen so I can accessorise in another colour. This mince pie cake stand is on my list of must have’s before Christmas of course, so I can put my mince pies on it. This sleek and stylish mince pie stand is made in Portugal from local stoneware clay that’s renowned for its quality. Painted with a lovely white glaze with a soft-grey patina along the edge, it’s just the thing to showcase freshly baked mince pies, canapés or other nibbles. The perfect accompaniment to a drinks party or relaxed get together, it makes hosting easy. £40

Also The White Company apron, yes it needs replacing annually as it gets so mucky but I use the old one for when I’m painting. It would make a great Christmas gift. And who doesn’t like to pose in a White Company apron? This high-quality apron is a wonderful choice for any kitchen. Made from 100% cotton, it features an adjustable neck strap for extra comfort and deep front pockets to store your kitchen utensils. This smart style provides maximum protection against spills and splashes and is finished with The White Company logo. Pair with our matching The White Company oven glove for a complete look, or lovely gift idea. £28

2. Ikea – You can walk 10,000 steps getting around their stores and still miss something in their kitchen range that you had seen in one of their designer kitchens so I prefer to go online. One of my favourites from Ikea is their over the top Chopping Board. The chopping board collects meat and fruit juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your worktop. Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care, hardwearing natural material that is also gentle on your knives. You can also use the chopping board as a serving tray for food such as cheese or cold cuts.The weight provides a stable base for cutting.Wash this product before using it for the first time. What’s not to love at a cost of only £10

Also, Ikea’s food containers with lids, of which they have many, and yet again at very reasonable prices from £2.50 but I especially love the ones with the bamboo lids.

3. H&M Home – they have a great range of linen napkins which I am really into at the moment. They can change the whole room colour by adding a completely different colour although these black are my favourite for £8.99 for two. The tablecloth is £34.99

Also, their Stone Salt & Pepper Bowls ( which could be used for something else) will look fab on your table and would also make a great Christmas Gift for a very reasonable price of £17.99

4. Graham & Green, if you love vintage then you will some of their vintage inspired kitchen accessories. Like their enamel range and this great enamel pie dish for £12 Large enough for meals for the whole family, this pie dish can handle everything from deep filled pies to layered pasta dishes. Durable and classically stylish, this recognisable white and blue enamelware has been a British kitchen staple since the 1920’s.

Or, their vintage-inspired milk bottle holder, crafted from powder coated steel with four compartments and a handy wooden handle for ease of carrying. Perfect for those joining moving away from plastic and back to old-fashioned glass milk bottles. £20



I came across this wonderful site called ‘Our Lovely Goods‘, A family run business which came about when they started making body butter for their baby daughter in 2018 before branching out into soy-based candles to make their home feel snug. They enjoyed it so much that they launches Our Lovely Goods’,the following year.

They are passionate about creating products that are good for you, your home and the environment – whilst being beautifully designed too.

They handcraft natural wax candles, botanical skincare and work with talented artisans in Nigeria to curate our collection of homewares. They are also passionate about promoting well being and exploring creativity through workshops and events.

Some of their beautiful candles includeOne Evening – Cedarwood, Jasmine & Thyme – £20

and Coast – Wood, Sea Salt & Sage – £20

They have a few body butter’s – Calm, Botanical Body Butter…

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