British Baking is a cookery book by Peyton and Byrne. Oliver Peyton is a renownedd restaurateur and the founder/chairman of Peyton and Bryne Limited.

He owns numerous restaurants and cafés throughout London including The Royal Academy of Arts, St. Pancras Station, Inn the Park, Kew Palace and many more.

He also runs a food club from his online site which is free to join and will let you know about openings, special offers, menus and bakery treats. There is also an online shop which sells, chocolate, tea, coffee, jams, condiments and hampers.

The book is ideal for any pastry, pudding or dessert lover. It has a huge range of recipes, from biscuits, puddings, chelsea buns, sponge cakes as well as fig rolls, jammy dodgers, eccles cakes and crumbles.

It’s making my mouth water just writing about it. For the best price look on the amazon website


Drink black and green tea to sharpen your brain as they both have health benefits, but green tea has the most with three to four times more antioxidants.

Tea leaves are packed with compounds that are able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and block neuronal damage.

The best way to drink it to get the most benefit is black, as if you add milk it could reduce the teas antioxidant activity by as much as 25%.