One of my favourite cake recipes passed down from my Mum is Spiced Fruit Cake. 

Spiced Fruit Cake


150 g Marg or Butter

6 level tbsp golden syrup

250g raisins

250g currants

120g sultanas

120g mixed peel

120g chopped stone dates

1/2 pint plus 2 tables milk


1/2 teasp bicarbonate of soda

2 beaten eggs

250g plain flour

1 rounded teasp mixed spice

1 level teasp cinnamon

Pinch of salt

1 tbsp Apricot Jam, melted



Preheat oven to Gas 3, 165C, 325F

Line a 7″ deep cake tin

Place all of the first list of ingredients in a saucepan and heat slowly until the butter is melted, then simmer gently for 5 mins. Cool

Stir in the bicarbonate of soda.

Add the 2 beaten eggs into the flour with the mixed spice, cinnamon, and salt but do not stir.

Beat both mixtures together thoroughly.

Place in the cake tin and bake for 13/4 – 2 hrs.

Brush edge with the heated apricot jam and arrange nuts and cherries around.



10 secrets to better baking –

  1. Leave your cake on a wire rack in the tin you have baked it in for 5 minutes before you turn it out.
  2. When making your cake, leave the eggs and fat our overnight so that they will be at the same temperature.
  3. For a really moist fruit cake, use marmalade instead of candied peel.
  4. For an extra rich, tasty fruit cake, use cold coffee instead of milk.
  5. Measure all your ingredients accurately.
  6. Bake your cake immediately once mixed as the baking powder begins to act as soon as its combined with liquid.
  7. Leave scones for a minute before you pop them into the oven as resting them allow the baking powder to become active.
  8. To make sure the essence you use adds flavour to the whole cake, mix it into the egg before adding the egg to the mixture.
  9. When baking cakes, always sift the flour first as this will incorporate air and will create a light bake.
  10. NEVER open the oven for at least the first half of the baking time as the cold air will interfere with the rising of the cake.