This new BBC 2 series starts tonight at 8pm. In episode one Tom Kerridge welcomes three teams of pastry chefs to the first heat of this contest. They are challenged to make more than 100 perfect miniature pastries in three hours for judges Benoit Blin, Cherish Finden and Claire Clark to inspect and taste. Contestants must then reinvent the apple crumble as a showpiece dessert, complete with a towering edible sculpture.

The three judges – all famous patissiers even if they’re not household names – are fierce. Presented with tray upon tray of exquisite and innovative miniature patisseries in the first round, Benoit Blin, Cherish Finden and Claire Clark nitpick over the tiniest detail. But as host Tom Kerridge tells us, precision is everything in the pastry world, which explains why digital spirit levels and an instrument like a multi-wheeled pizza cutter are among the utensils on their worktops.

Can’t wait to see how this one goes tonight….



I just had to share this deeeelicious pudding that I had while away in Kent for the weekend.

At the bottom of the cup is chocolate and vanilla ice cream followed by a layer of whipped cream then marshmallows then covered in hot chocolate with more hot chocolate in a jug to add if you wanted it.

It not only tasted divine it looked divine. I enjoyed it so much that I had it for my sweet on both nights at the Village Hotel in Maidstone in their Verve Grill Restaurant.


I thought the way it was presented was also fantastic and was convinced that the cup, saucer and jug were coated in cocoa powder but was surprised to find that it was the pattern on the tableware. I made a note of the maker of the pottery which was Steelite International. If you pop over to the website you will see they have a large selection of unique tableware.