I love buying my advent calendars and I buy them not only for my grandchildren but my own grown-up children and their partners. This year the choice is massive so I decided to just look for some that were a little bit different from the normal advent calendars. Here are my top six.

  1. Joe & Seph’s Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar – This is the world’s first Vegan Chocolate Popcorn Advent Calendar. This new Vegan Advent Calendar opens up like a giant Christmas storybook and depicts a snowy scene of Joe’s Popcorn Kitchens at Christmastime. Behind 24 festive cubbyholes discover mini packs of Joe & Seph’s handmade popcorn in 8 unique, vegan flavours! Including Joe & Seph’s popular Vegan Salted Caramel and Vegan Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, as well as several new and exclusive Vegan flavours. £34.95

2. Candy Kittens Pop-up Advent Calendar – A Christmas tree FULL of sweets. Introducing our 2022 build-your-own, 3D Pop-Up Advent Tree. Our fresh new updated design and flavours will make your countdown to Christmas one of the sweetest yet. Packed full of your favourite must-have-more vegan sweets, there’s enough in the box to have two Candy Kittens per day. £12

3. Beanies Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar – This Limited Edition item means that you can guarantee your fix of Beanies every day in December up until Christmas, with a special gift both on the 1st and the 24th of the month! £27.99

4. Monty Bojangles Truffle Advent Calendar – Gorgeously illustrated Christmas advent calendar – a collection of intensely chocolatey cocoa-dusted truffles waiting to be discovered behind delightfully decorated windows. Why not gift it as an early Christmas present to a vegan chocoholic friend? They will be overjoyed! Containing 3 flavours – award-winning Cocoa Nib Nights, Berry Blush and Caramel Haze. £12.99

5. Limited Edition: Bonne Maman Advent Calendar. Fruit Jam: 23 Mini Jars (30g) of fruity jam or sweet spread, a different one for each day during the countdown to Christmas. Enjoy two surprise gifts – one on day 1 and one on day 24. Every jar features unusual flavours or special Christmas combinations. £21.99

6. The Ultimate Advent Calendar For Cheese Lovers. The Worlds First & Only Cheese Advent Calendar! Behind Each Door Are Mini Cheeses & Cheesy Jokes. Cheeses Include – Jarlsberg, Applewood, Mexicana, Ilchester Cheddar Cheese, Ilchester Red Leicester Cheese, Ilchester Double Gloucester Cheese, Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries & Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese and Gingerbread. A Unique ‘Book Style’ Packaging Design, Allowing One Half To Be Torn Off After The Initial 12 Days Of Christmas To Maximise Fridge Space. £20.95


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