How to Get The Most Out Of Your Fresh Produce —

Try these healthy kitchen habits to get the most out of your fresh produce and reduce waste in the kitchen. By Kylie Alla We all know that feeling of guilt associated with seeing our fruit and veg slowly brown in their bowl, but this can be avoided and it doesn’t have to involve buying less…

How to Get The Most Out Of Your Fresh Produce —


Do you really know what you should and should not compost?

Here is a list of 13 things you should compost…

  1. Fruit scraps but not citrus.
  2. Vegetable scraps.
  3. Coffee grounds.
  4. Tea leaves or tea bags.
  5. Eggshells.
  6. Straw.
  7. Shredded Paper.
  8. Newspaper but not the glossy pages.
  9. Cardboard.
  10. Grass cuttings.
  11. Plant cuttings.
  12. Dried or fresh leaves.
  13. Sawdust.