In case you did not know in the past 18 months over 3.2 million households have acquired a pet so it is no surprise more and more products are popping up for your pooches.

From wine to beer and now ‘TEA‘. PG Tips have an ‘English Breakwoof Dog Tea ‘ (£9.99 woofandbrew.com).

These are a limited edition set of teas that were launched to celebrate International Dogs Day earlier in this month. All profits are donated to Support Dogs, a charity which provides dogs to people with various medical conditions.

Made from herbs and rooibos, it is detoxifying and will help your dog have a healthy coat and skin. Plus the antioxidants in it play a role in cell health for dogs as well as humans. You make it like any ordinary tea.

PG Tips say –

Share a #CuppaWithYourPuppa! 

For International Dog Day we’ve teamed up with the tea-riffic lot at Woof & Brew to create a cold infused English Breakwoof tea for pooches and it’s paw-sitively delightful.

Each of our Limited Edition Tea Pack include 1x box of 10 biodegradable pyramid English Breakwoof teabags – those are for your pooch – and 1x box of PG tips original 40 biodegradable pyramid teabags – those are for you, tea-lover.

Even better: 100% of profits from these Limited Edition Tea Packs will be donated to Support Dogs, a charity providing dogs to people with various medical conditions.

Hop on over to Woof & Brew’s website to pick up your Limited Edition Tea Pack. Guaranteed to make tails wag.

Source PG Tips, Woof & Brew