I don’t know about you but I do love a bit of organising and having something to put your different flavoured tea in is right up my street. So, I had a good look around and here is my choice of 5 great tea organisers for your kitchen. Depending on how many different types of tea you like will determine your size. However, for me personally the smaller ones can look stunning in your kitchen.

  1. My first choice was this lovely Tea Box on Etsy – a 9 section window design Decorated Wooden Box, for speciality flavoured individual tea bags. This handcrafted Wooden Tea Box is supplied with 9 individual packets of tea as a starter, which can then be refilled with a favourite brand, fruit or flavoured teas. This decorated Tea Box looks good on a kitchen counter or shelf. The wooden border of the lid is sealed with satin varnish. With the top laser engraved with the words: A nice Cuppa. The base of the box is decoupaged with a Blue floral design. (Blue is my accessory colour in my kitchen). The inside of the Box is sealed with varnish. It costs £18.50

2. My second choice was this mDesign Tea Box with 12 Compartments – Box for Tea Made of Wood – Practical and Useful Tea Bag Storage with Transparent Lid – Bamboo/Clear – the transparent viewing lid of the tea bag storage box means that you can easily find the tea bag you desire without having to rummage around – the bamboo material and simple wooden tea box design with a transparent lid means that this tea bag dispenser box fits neatly into any style kitchen or living room. It costs £26.83 and is available on Amazon.

3. My third is this dark wood Twinings Deluxe Compartment Wooden Tea Box filled with 24 individually wrapped teas Made from fine dark wood and finished with “Twinings” and solid brass hinges and openings and rather plush for £26.00 which is supplied filled with 24 mixed enveloped tea bags worth ‚£6.00

4. Maine Furniture have this fabulous Key Largo Tea Caddy which combines practicality with style, and is hand woven from naturally aged, grey rattan. With six compartments to keep your favourite teas in order, this piece is a must for all tea lovers. Their Key Largo collection is hand crafted in Semarang, Indonesia, by true artisans carrying on the traditional craft of rattan weaving passed down from father to son for countless generations. If you have the space in your kitchen for this it is rather special and costs £69.95

5. You can spend as little or as much as you like on tea box organisers so I had to finish with this outstanding one from Fortnum & Mason which holds a massive 60 teabags. Lift the lid on this wooden restaurant box filled with 60 silky pyramid teabags of there Famous and Classic World blends. Choose from Royal Blend, Earl Grey Classic, Darjeeling FTGOP and Assam TGFOP, each selected to deliver the perfect cup for every time of day. Once the box is empty, simply refill and start all over again. It costs £85.00



If, like me you like the taste of different teas then it is worth reading “Tonics & Teas Traditional and Modern Recipes that Make You Feel Amazing”, by Rachel De Thample so you can decide which ones are healthier for you.

With over 141 reviews and most giving 5 stars this book is definitely one for your table.

Everyone knows that chamomile tea is the answer to a good night’s sleep, that lemon tea is an invigorating way to start your morning and that ginger tea can settle your stomach. But did you know that Jamu Kunyit, a ginger and turmeric tonic, is the Balinese equivalent of ‘an apple a day’ to ‘keep health problems at bay’?

Herbal medicinal vinegars can be antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral as well as helping fight respiratory infections, coughs and bronchitis; and adding black pepper and coconut oil to any turmeric drink can help your body reap the benefits more effectively.

Author, Rachel de Thample has gathered a collection of the best of these ancient drinks and traditional remedies, along with a few modern spins, offering tips on how to best build them into a busy lifestyle.

Organised into three chapters, she covers Tonics such as Dairy Kefir, Beet Kvass, Nettle Tonic and Ginger Shots; Teas such as Grasshopper Tea, Spice Route Tea, Armenian Herbal Tea and Afghan Pin Chai, plus delicious and beneficial Drinks such as Elderflower Cordial, Amazake and Kombucha. This eclectic mix of natural brews is the perfect way to give your body a healthy boost.

Rachel de Thample has worked in the kitchens of Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal and Peter Gordon. She is the author of Less Meat, More Veg (Kyle Books) and FIVE (Ebury), and has served as Commissioning Editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated and Head of Food for the pioneering organic box scheme Abel & Cole. She lives in Crystal Palace, London, where she has helped set up numerous local food initiatives, including the award-winning Crystal Palace Food Market and the Edible Garden. Rachel is currently running preserving courses at River Cottage in Devon, runs seasonal Market Table pop-up dinners and writes for The Simple Things and Locavore magazines.

‘This charming little book offers recipes for remedies from kombucha, kefir and medicinal vinegars to herbal teas and my favourite “immune powerhouse”, elderberry syrup with echinacea and ginger. Rachel alleviated her achy joints with turmeric in golden chai, while her mother’s high blood pressure was quickly reduced by drinking a potent probiotic drink made with beetroot and whey.’ –The Mail on Sunday

This eclectic mix of natural brews is the perfect way to give your body a healthy boost.

It would make a great present for anyone who needs a tonic. A great little book that makes foraging fun especially when a lot of ingredients are probably already growing in your own garden, like rose petal, rose-hips, herbs and dandelion roots. So many great recipes, you won’t know which one to try first.