I don’t know about you but I do love a bit of organising and having something to put your different flavoured tea in is right up my street. So, I had a good look around and here is my choice of 5 great tea organisers for your kitchen. Depending on how many different types of tea you like will determine your size. However, for me personally the smaller ones can look stunning in your kitchen.

  1. My first choice was this lovely Tea Box on Etsy – a 9 section window design Decorated Wooden Box, for speciality flavoured individual tea bags. This handcrafted Wooden Tea Box is supplied with 9 individual packets of tea as a starter, which can then be refilled with a favourite brand, fruit or flavoured teas. This decorated Tea Box looks good on a kitchen counter or shelf. The wooden border of the lid is sealed with satin varnish. With the top laser engraved with the words: A nice Cuppa. The base of the box is decoupaged with a Blue floral design. (Blue is my accessory colour in my kitchen). The inside of the Box is sealed with varnish. It costs £18.50

2. My second choice was this mDesign Tea Box with 12 Compartments – Box for Tea Made of Wood – Practical and Useful Tea Bag Storage with Transparent Lid – Bamboo/Clear – the transparent viewing lid of the tea bag storage box means that you can easily find the tea bag you desire without having to rummage around – the bamboo material and simple wooden tea box design with a transparent lid means that this tea bag dispenser box fits neatly into any style kitchen or living room. It costs £26.83 and is available on Amazon.

3. My third is this dark wood Twinings Deluxe Compartment Wooden Tea Box filled with 24 individually wrapped teas Made from fine dark wood and finished with “Twinings” and solid brass hinges and openings and rather plush for £26.00 which is supplied filled with 24 mixed enveloped tea bags worth ‚£6.00

4. Maine Furniture have this fabulous Key Largo Tea Caddy which combines practicality with style, and is hand woven from naturally aged, grey rattan. With six compartments to keep your favourite teas in order, this piece is a must for all tea lovers. Their Key Largo collection is hand crafted in Semarang, Indonesia, by true artisans carrying on the traditional craft of rattan weaving passed down from father to son for countless generations. If you have the space in your kitchen for this it is rather special and costs £69.95

5. You can spend as little or as much as you like on tea box organisers so I had to finish with this outstanding one from Fortnum & Mason which holds a massive 60 teabags. Lift the lid on this wooden restaurant box filled with 60 silky pyramid teabags of there Famous and Classic World blends. Choose from Royal Blend, Earl Grey Classic, Darjeeling FTGOP and Assam TGFOP, each selected to deliver the perfect cup for every time of day. Once the box is empty, simply refill and start all over again. It costs £85.00


Ten tea pairings with food for you to enjoy…

Earl Grey Tea

Have Earl Grey with fine pate or ham and mustard sandwich’s or crème Brule or Leicester cheese, to enhance the flavour of the tea and/or food.

Fruit Teas

These make fantastic pairings with Brie. Sweet, citrus flavour’s bite through the buttery cheese, producing a wonderful and unique taste sensation.

Oolong Teas

They range in character between green and black teas, many can be paired with food along the same lines as their green or black counterparts. For instance, greener oolongs tend to go well with scallops, lobster and other sweet rich foods, while darker oolongs compliment somewhat stronger-flavoured foods such as duck and grilled meal.

Kenya Tea

Have this with beef and horseradish or ham sandwiches or chocolate cake or Austrian smoked cheese.

Ceylon Tea –

Try this with cucumber or tomato sandwiches or tarte au citron or mature cheddar cheese.

Lapsang Tea

Enjoy it with chicken or smoked salmon sandwiches or walnut cake or Stilton cheese, to enhance the flavour of the tea and/or food. 

Green Tea

In general, the subtle, vegetative flavour and aroma of most green tea is well suited to mild or subtly-flavoured foods, such as seafood, rice, salads, melon or chicken.

White Tea –

Because of the extremely subtle flavour of white teas, we recommend pairing them with only the mildest of flavours, so as to not miss the sweetness that is so loved in white tea.

Black Tea –

The more robust flavours and aromas of most black teas, as well as the most pronounced tannins, are well suited to pairing with full-flavored foods such as meat and spicy dishes.

Pu-erh Tea –

Worthy of special note, pu-erh teas are known for their digestive benefits. Not only do these teas pair well with meats and oily foods, but they can also offer a welcome settling effect after large, multi-course meals!