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Gyokuro Asahi Tea is the rarest Japenese tea of all, being grown in the Kyoto region under special bamboo shades to control the amount of sunlight to the plants.The fine emerald needle-shaped leaves give a bright, delicate exquisite infusion.

Its high grade and premium reputation are the result of the special processing methods that this tea undergoes.This Japanese green tea is unique and quite rare.

First grown in 1835, today this tea is mainly produced in the regions of Yame, Uiji and Asahina in Japan.

Gyokuro tea, also known as Pearl Dew or Jade Dew, undergoes a special processing method and is harvested just once a year and then only in certain tea plantations. This makes this Japanese green tea quite expensive and difficult to find, but it is definitely worth the investment and the time.

According to The Right Tea, Gyokuro Tea is grown in different conditions from other green teas. This tea undergoes a special process to alter the chemical composition of its leaves.This green tea is grown in a misty and rainy climate at a lower altitude than sencha, a more common Japanese green tea.

Gyokuro Tea is rich in antioxidants, which means that every cup of tea you drink may provide you with wonderful health benefits that will make you feel great.

The Right Tea has a long list of health benefits available from Gyokuro Tea. 

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Try and make your coffee with 1% fat milk instead of semi-skimmed milk for a healthier heart. You will not taste the difference but semi-skimmed milk contains 70% more than 1 % fat milk. A daily serving of two 200ml glasses of semi-skimmed milk amounts to 4g of cholesterol-raising saturated fat compared to 2.4g in the 1% fat milk.

Also, filter your coffee to cut your cholesterol. Apparently unfiltered brewed coffee contains traces of oily substances called cafestol and kahweol, which can increase blood cholesterol. So swapping to the filtered sort will get rid of the problem as the fatty residues are held back by the filter. Of course instant coffee is fine.


Tea has been used medicinally as a natural remedy for centuries for the body as well as the mind. Drinking tea is something that I’ve added to my daily self-care routine and I’ve noticed a difference in my overall health and mood. There is literally a tea for every type of ailment out there […]

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Keep Calm and Bake Cakes

While sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room I picked up the usual magazines to read and found a Woman and Home that was only a couple of months old and not years old, so I started to read through it.

One of the articles was Mary Berry helping a lady with her baking skills and she had one very good tip for her which I knew you would all appreciate me passing it onto you.

The ‘All In One’ technique to baking – simply put ALL your ingredients into a bowl at once – the order they go in doesn’t matter, although if you put the eggs in first it seems to work better and then simply whizz them all together once’.

I can’t be simpler than that……



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With so much being written about how tea is good for so many things, now they are saying that coffee also is good for you.

One cup of coffee a day could reduce your blood pressure. Researchers actually found that those who drank between one and two cups of coffee daily had the healthiest arteries.

Two cups a day (no more than two cups if you are pregnant) could keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Coffee, like tea is packed with antioxidants which can potentially cut the risk of cancer however more than three cups a day could mean that you are twice as likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis, or you could increase the risk of a heart attack.


afternoon teaNational Baking Week took place from the 14th – 20th October 2013 a charity bake week.

This year National Baking Week was supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital which is one of the top five paediatric research hospitals in the world, treating children with complex and life-threatening conditions who are referred to us nationally. They manage over 192,000 patient visits every year with over 60% of those being classed as intensive care cases in other hospitals. They are often their last hope.

The money raised through NBW bake sales will help enable Great Ormond Street Hospital to provide world-class care for its young patients and their families and to fund pioneer new treatments and research for childhood illness by:

Contributing to the rebuilding and refurbishment of the hospital
Funding the most up-to-date equipment
Supporting research into, and development of, breakthrough treatments
Providing accommodation and other support services for children and their families

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, GOSH’s Bake it Better, is all about cakes. Baking, selling and enjoying cakes all for a good cause. It is a simple, easy way to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charities.

During National Baking Week, people up and down the country went baking crazy. Cake sales are easy, delicious and a great way to get together with your friends, family or colleagues, to help support Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Head down to the National Baking Week website where you will find lots recipes.