High Tea at the Park Hyatt

I finally got to go out to high tea. It has been a long time and I was so excited to go, shame the excitement didn’t last. I went out with a couple …

High Tea at the Park Hyatt

Keto Favorites

life of a doctor's wife

When my husband and I did Keto in 2020, we went hog wild. We bought ALL the Keto-specific products. We bought cheese by the cartload. We bought packages and packages of crunchy cheese snacks. We bought almond flour and flaxseed meal and xanthan gum. We bought avocado oil and MCT oil. We bought Keto pancake mix and Keto maple syrup. We bought Keto powdered erythritol and liquid stevia. We had all these plans to make Keto recipes and made many of them. But we found that a lot of the things we tried were either unpalatable or palatable only once or twice.

This time around, I have been trying to livewithoutKeto recipes and Keto items as much as possible.

But I have found a few Keto-specific items that I reallylike. This is, perhaps, in part due to the passage of two years’ time. Keto…

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