Did you know that it is easy to grow your own tea plant? ‘Camellia Sinensis is the evergreen plant that can produce tea leaves for 50-100 years. It also produces a fragrant leaf that has pretty winter flowers.

£20 from Plants By Post

Although originating in the Himalayas, you don’t need a large garden to grow this tea plant, a planter on your wall or a simple pot will work fine, however it does need to be brought indoors or put into a greenhouse in the cold weather. This tea plant can make black, green, white or oolong tea. It’s obviously not as simple as popping a tea bag into a cup but you can use a simple strainer if you just fancy green tea.

It is a slow-growing, tender, large, upright evergreen shrub, with dark-green, lance-shaped, toothed leaves. It has fragrant, white, single flowers with many golden-yellow stamens in autumn and winter. If you drink tea, black, or green, this is the plant it comes from. Commercially grown plants are pruned to a height of 1.2m, to facilitate picking.

These are healthy young British grown plants that will continue to grow year after year. They are in bud and looking super with plenty of foliage and will make a great addition to a garden. The one above from Plants4Presents is £27.00

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