First Flush TeaTwinings first flush darjeeling exclusive to Twinnings has ‘TWO’ 2012 first picked darjeeling teas, Chamong Tea Gardena and ‘Upper Namring Tea Garden’.

Amid the midst and mysterious cloud, nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, lies a region of West Bengal called Darjeeling. Now is the most exciting time for Darjeeling as it is the start of the brand new harvesting season. The tea from this luscious and magical region is plucked four times a year, weather allowing, the initial of which is now, the Easter Flush or as it is more commonly know, the First Invoice, or First Flush.

The First Flush is the very first harvest of the year. It brings with it the most delicately intense and fresh flavour and a beautifully clear and almost orange hue. The incredible flavours and freshness of these superb teas can command eye-watering prices, but justifiably so as they are what have made this the most exciting point of the tea calendar, which is celebrated worldwide.

Twinings say that ‘the diverse locations of the two plantations mean they have distinct and differing flavours, but both equally as delicious as each other’.



afternoon tea

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