I’m not someone who is mega organised at all but I do like to feel that by the end of November I am well on my way with the Christmas Shopping.

I think the weather this weekend has really made everything feel more like Christmas so I decided to first start checking out  some of my favourite sites to give me some ideas for some ‘original’ Christmas gifts.

It wasn’t long after browsing Amazon that I came across The Great British Bake Off 2015 Book  – with the hardcover selling for only £7.99 I soon purchased a few to pop under the tree as a surprise for some of my family.


Another good one I found on Lakeland’s site and is something really different. Strawberry PopaBalls Bursting Bubbles – basically its a box full of little round strawberry balls which you can add to a glass of fizz, lemonade or water to add a subtle flavour or simply pop one in your mouth for a syrupy strawberry explosion, all for £2.95




Christmas Gifts from your Kitchen

It’s that time of the year again and if you love cooking in your kitchen then this book full of ideas is perfect for you.

It has lovely pictures throughout and will soon inspire you to have a go at a recipe.

The ingredients are mainly American but you can soon convert that online, it doesn’t spoil the book at all.

It’s just another fun book to help you decide what you want to make from your kitchen.