Here are TEN tasty but different sandwiches to make to celebrate National Picnic Week from 19th-27th June, 2021.


Brie, bacon and cranberry is a coffee shop fixture that you may have tried before, although those unfamiliar may dubious to try it. The creaminess of the brie, the saltiness of the bacon and the sharpness of the cranberry may seem like an odd match, but together the flavours and textures in this filling all work wonders. This sandwich is best served toasted as it causes the brie to melt. For a more festive take, you can even swap out the bacon for roast turkey.


Prawns and chilli jam is a classic Thai pairing that can also be turned into a tasty sandwich filling. Adding avocado to the mix can help to offset the spiciness and make it altogether more wholesome. You can buy fresh shellfish and add a pinch of pepper to turn this into a gourmet sandwich. Try mixing the prawns and chilli jam beforehand so that the flavours all mix.


If you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza, why not try this topping in sandwich form? Grilled ham is the best option to use with pineapple, although you can also use bacon or roast pork. You can even put swiss cheese in the sandwich and grill it to help meld the flavours.


Got some leftover spag bol? This could make a scrumptious sandwich filling for the next day’s lunch. You can also use leftover lasagne, ravioli or any other mince-based meal. Serve this with a thick bread or baguette that won’t get too soggy from the bolognese sauce.


This trio of flavours is popular in Italy, with ingredient reflecting a colour in the Italian flag. Whilst it’s tasty enough on its own, you can also put it with some flatbread for a tasty sandwich. For add zing, you can also add some balsamic vinegar. 


Known as Choripan, this spicy combination hails from Argentina. It often just consists of chorizo sausage and chimichurri salsa, but many people also like to throw an egg in there to give it that added dimension. This filling is great for when you’re fancying something fiery.


If you’re vegan or looking for a healthy but wholesome option, this unusual sandwich could be just what you need. It may sound like a monstrosity on the surface, but actually, the flavours harmonise well.  The peanut butter and celery gives it a creaminess but also a crunch, whilst the raisins add a subtle sweetness.


Rump steak, brushed in Marmite and layered with chutney, rocket and dolcelatte, makes for a seriously indulgent savoury lunchtime treat.


A perfect sandwich for a summer picnic. Filled with salami, spinach, basil, pesto and mozzarella.


Pile steak, onion, peppers, cheese, ketchup and mustard into rolls to make these American-style Philly cheesesteaks.

Source: Good Food, Olive Magazine,



National Picnic Week this year takes place from 19th-27th June, 21.

National Picnic Week takes place this June across the UK, so grab your blankets and baskets out of the cupboards and get out to the great outdoors for a good old fashioned picnic.

You can vote on the National Picnic Week website for your favourite picnic spot.

National Picnic Week aims to encourage people to take the ideal opportunity to get together over a picnic with advice, tips, recipes and information to make sure you have everything from the food and drink to the location or surroundings.

Picnicking is one of the UK’s most enjoyable summer traditions, and is a great way of taking advantage of any open spaces in your local area over the warmer months of the year.

For National Picnic Week, there will be opportunities to win prizes and competitions.

Since National Picnic Week was founded a decade ago, it has grown significantly and become a staple date in the media calendar. Timed at the peak of picnicking season, broadcasters, radio and television channels are keen to get involved.

With the likes of ITV’s Lorraine, national newspapers and both BBC and commercial radio stations covering the week in the past, it is a great platform to promote your brand.

5 Things that can ruin your picnic from National Picnic Week website…

There’s nothing more important when planning a picnic than ensuring everything goes smoothly. Food, weather, location, wildlife, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you’re not careful. National Picnic Week looks at some of the top things that go wrong, and how to make sure your picnic goes off without a hitch.

First things first, if you know who’s attending your picnic, you should know if anyone is allergic to anything, and what preferences everyone has. If you don’t know, or aren’t certain, try to have a wide variety of things to cater for all types. There’s nothing worse than feeling you aren’t welcome, or that your diet is a burden or an annoyance. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options are readily available in most supermarkets, and will mean there’s something for everyone at your picnic. Check out there post on 3 delicious vegetarian recipes for some inspiration.

As we all know, the weather can make or break a picnic. Check both the week and the night before, to give yourself the best chance of sun. Always bring an umbrella just in case. It doesn’t have to be tropical to be a great picnic, if you’re prepared you can have fun no matter what the weather. Packing extra clothes lets you wrap up warm if you need to, it’s always better to bring more and not need them than to bring nothing and be left in the cold.

A good location is vital when it comes to having the perfect picnic. Too windy, and your food is sent flying. Too far, and everyone’s exhausted from the walk. A good picnic location is near to parking and facilities, but also in a green space. If it’s a hot day, try to find a place with shade for children or pets. Parks, woods, even gardens can all be perfect places for a picnic, getting everyone out for some fresh air and sun.

Once you’ve cooked up all your delicious food, how are you going to get it to your picnic site? If you’ve let yourself get carried away with your picnic, this could be one of the last things you think about, but it is important. How everyone gets there, and how the food is transported can have a big impact on the tone your picnic sets, as well as the environmental impact. All your leftovers and rubbish should be easy to take away, with you leaving nothing behind.

Having an idea of the kind of wildlife that lives where you’re planning your picnic can be a huge help. Something few people think about when planning a picnic is whether any attendants have any phobias. If you know someone has a fear of dogs, don’t take them to the local park where hundreds of dogs walk every day. If someone has a fear of wasps, don’t pack nothing but fizzy drinks and sugary snacks.
But dealing with a phobia is the most effective way of making sure it won’t ruin your picnic. The fastest way to cure a phobia is hypnosis, it takes no conscious effort and can have immediate results.
For more great picnic ideas, check out this post on how to make your picnic look the part.
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Source : Picnic Week