225g seedless raisins (or other dired fruit)
100g soft brown sugar
1 cup of cold fruit tea
225g self raising flour
½ level teaspoon mixed spice
1 tablespoon chopped nuts
1 x Orange
1 Medium Egg

Preheat oven to 325F 160C Gas 3
Line or grease loaf tin
Grate the rind of the orange
Put the dried fruit and sugar into a large basin
Add the orange rind
Pour over the cold tea and leave overnight or for 12 hours
Gently mix the egg
Add the sifted flour, mixed spice and egg to the mixture
Pour into loaf tin
Bake for 1½ hours
Sprinkle over with your nuts
Leave to cool for 15 minutes before turning out of tin
Cool on wire rack


Gorgeous Chocolates

I found these adorable truffles by Choconchoc that are shaped into pretty teacups, cupcakes and daisies, and just had to share them with you.

They are handmade from white Belgian chocolate and have a shelf life 9 months (if you can resist.

The Box contains 16 chocolates and contain, wait for it, a bit of alcohol, wooo hooo…