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Richard Bertinet has a ‘Pastry Masterclass’ which is held at The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School, Bath on the 17th January. You will learn how to make sweet, salted and choux pastry. More details are found at

Rick Stein’s Seafood School in Cornwall has an ‘Original Fish and Shellfish Cookery Course’, throughout January. You will learn how to cook and prepare fish with expert teachers in a beautiful setting. More details are found at

The School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire has ‘An Introduction to Artisan Baking’ from the 5th – 20th January where you will learn bread-making with a master baker. More details are found at

The Raymond Blanc Cookery School in Oxford has a special ‘Create a perfect dinner party’ at Le Manoir aux Quat Saison. More details are found at


Foot soother tea bags

Whittard Tea has got some amazing teabags for girls which would make excellent Christmas Stocking fillers.

THE FOOTSOOTHER TEABAG (ABOVE) is a refreshing, calming blend of herbal teas scented with lemongrass and peppermint, in four teabags. Simply add one Foot soother teabag to a warm bowl or foot bath and allow to brew for a few minutes. Dip your feet in, sit back and relax with the refreshing aromas.

The cost is £5

Bath tub tea bags

THE BATHTUB TEABAGS (ABOVE) is a relaxing, calming blend of herbal teas and blossoms scented with lemon balm and lavender, in four jumbo teabags. Simply add one Bathtub teabag to your warm bath and allow to brew for a few minutes and relax with the sensorial aromas.

The cost is £5

Eye bag tea bags

THE EYEBAG TEABAGS (ABOVE) which is a relaxing blend of herbal teas with flowers, scented with camomile in four teabags. Simply soak two teabags in warm water, squeeze out excess water, place over closed eyes, lie back and relax as the teabags soothe and relax your eyes.

The cost is again only £5

The website is bursting with ideas for Christmas gifts, but I just thought these were a bit of fun.