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Part of my Christmas present from my daughter was a selection of Hotel Chocolat’s teaolat Cacao Infusion’s. This morning I tried their Invigorate which has Cacao & Ginger in it.

Hand-cut into big, chunky pieces, their ginger comes alive when steeped in hot water. They suggest that a slice of fresh lemon makes an energising addition to this delicious cacao shell infusion, but I enjoyed it without.

The delicate shells that wrap around every cacao bean as they grow are discarded by many chocolate-makers, but Hotel Chocolat love them for their wonderfully malty notes and uplifting properties. They’re also naturally vegan and known for being high in antioxidants.

I found the taste very palatable and a lovely drink around coffee time as a change from a cup of coffee. The ginger is not overpowering but you still get a kick from it’s taste with the tea.

It’s available from Hotel Chocolat for £5 for 10 pyramids.