The old ones are always the best. Here re 11 old school useful household tips…

1. To remove a scratch from a table, crack open a walnut and rub it along the scratch . Walnuts contain a natural resin which will conceal the scratch.

2. To get rid of ink stains from furniture soak a piece of cotton wool in water and cover the stain with it. That will then draw the mark out and into the cotton wool.

3. To make your own room spray, add ten drops of your favourite essential oil to a plant spray filled with seven tablespoons of warm water. One tablespoon of vodka or pure alcohol as this acts as a preservative.

4. Put some of your favourite essential oil on a handkerchief and put it behind the radiator, if last quite a while.

5.When defrosting a freezer, keep frozen food cold by wrapping it in several layers of newspaper.

6. Some dishwasher powders can be very expensive so buy a cheaper one and add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the dish-water. The vinegar will cut the grease, and leave your dishes sparkling. And to clean your dishwasher simply run a cup of white vinegar through the entire cycle of the empty dishes.

7. Clean your microwave by placing half a lemon in water and setting it to boil.

8. To unblock a blocked sink tip a handful of bicarbonate of soda followed by a cup of vinegar straight down the plug. After a couple of hours, pour down a kettle of boiling water.

9. Add a shot of vodka or lemonade to the water in your vases as this will keep your flowers fresh for longer.

10. Spray nice smelling furniture polish behind the radiator to leave the room smelling clean and polished.

11. To clean your computer keys use a cotton bud and the same to clean the ball of a computer mouse.