Overheard in a Tea Room…

‘I do wish this teapot would pour like a dream!

Try one of these scones, I can pass you the cream’.

‘Well, thank you, but no, for I must watch my weight,

Just look at those slices of damson and date!’


; Just look at that table: I say, what a sight –

It looks like those women are starting a fight!’

‘I’ll wait for the cuckoo clock – mustn’t be late:

It’s supper at seven and soiree at eight.’


‘No manners these days – not a ‘thank you’ or ‘please’,

Those women are worse than the zoo’s chimpanzees’.

‘I do love Darjeeling and jasmine at four –

Tea settles the stomach; I’ll pour us some more’,


‘I really can’t take it – I wish I could stay:

The noise from that table will drive me a …!’

By Caroline Gill


Tea poetry Book

Distinguished Leaves: Poems for tea-lovers’ has a foreword by Nigel Havers.

Two of the recessions success stories have been loose leaf tea and poetry put the two together and you have poetea . Here professional writer, portrait miniature painter and Tea Poet, Elizabeth Darcy Jones, serves up a fragrant brew in this charming volume, celebrating different teas and tea people . Alongside descriptions of different tea types and hints about using loose leaf tea 37 different teas are described as characters, revealing their unique personalities in an accessible and entertaining way.

It costs £7.99, is published by Quiller Press and when bought direct from the author it comes with a free bookmark carrying her verse, ‘Ode to a Distinguished Leaf’. You can also ask for it to be signed with a personal message.

They have their own website http://distinguishedleaves.com/ or you can get it from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Distinguished-Leaves-Poems-Tea-Lovers/dp/1846891159