If you missed the two episodes of Victoria Wood’s ‘Nice Cup of Tea’, then I suggest you watch it on catch up before it’s too late.

It was a fascinating watch as Victoria travelled the globe to explore Britain’s love affair with tea. She visits the back streets of Kolkata and the mega city of Shanghai, where she sees the world of chai wallahs, opium smokers, Assam tea pickers and more.

She also heads to Britain’s Woburn Abbey, Blackpool and Harrogate where she learnt the real way to drink tea (slurp and spit). Of course it had to include a few celebrities who loved tea which included Graham Norton, Matt Smith and Morrissey.

Enjoy if you haven’t already watched it, make sure you brew your cuppa before you sit down to watch it or you will miss some of it when you pop out to make yourself a brew, BBC ONE Catch-up.