Red or white, the French and Italian wines from Sea Change are also green. There is no plastic used on the bottles or closures, and a percentage of each sale goes to marine charities fighting plastic polution.

Some varieties, including the Prosecco and Prosecco Rose are also vegan.

Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects in Ireland and across the globe and our minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact.

Sea Change say that “From Clean Coasts to the Olive Ridley Project, the projects our partners help facilitate range in size and scale, but they all have one common goal: to protect the ocean. We’ve already raised €300,000 for our partners, which has funded vital research and supported our charity partner, Ocean Generation, who were behind the amazing film ‘A Plastic Ocean.’

Behind Sea Change is a family wine business founded by Toby and Bill over 15 years ago. Toby and Bill have always felt strongly that business has a responsibility to the environment. With this in mind, it was a casual discussion in 2018 between them and Simon and Ian, who run the UK side of the business, about the impact of plastic on our oceans, that ignited the idea for Sea Change.

Source: Sea Change