Food For Thought — Wellbeing with Relaxing Lavender

For many of us, we eat at least 3 times a day, or more if we include snacks. But you may be someone who eats less. You might never have breakfast as you just can’t eat early in the day. We are all different when it comes to food so you have to do what […]

Food For Thought — Wellbeing with Relaxing Lavender

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I am a mum and wife to a lovely caring family. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for over 30 years and started writing my first blog in 2007 which covered back and chronic pain. Since then I have written many more blogs for myself and customers. I find it takes me away from my pain to another place. I love it so much I think it should be part of a recovery process after illness or surgery. I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs.

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