Some great FREE ways to get some FREE chocolate…

Get Test Keep is looking for people to review Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and if chosen you’ll get to KEEP all the products selected. Simply join our program and complete all the forms.

Review Criteria: 

– Taste 
– Packaging 
– Value for Money 

Why should I become a Chocolate Tester? 

– Get Free chocolate from a leading chocolate brand!
– Not available all year round!
– Let’s make the most of them! 
– Delicious Easter Treat!

How do I become a Chocolate Tester?

To sign up for the chance to review this item, fill in your postcode and continue to the next step and enter your details on the website. You’ll then be asked to fill in a series of further forms relating to various offers, which you need to complete. Please opt into the offers that you’re interested in. Don’t worry, the companies involved will only contact you if you opt-in and ask them to.

The same company Get Test Keep are offering the same as the above to test and keep the chocolate hamper. Here is the link to the website.



We all love our range of flavoured foods, but the orange flavouring is popping up in everything in cakes and chocolate.

Here are just a few to get your taste buds going…

  1. Weetos limited edition Orange Chocolatey Hoops – delicious any time of day.
  2. Border Biscuits make Dark Chocolate & Orange biscuits and bars.
  3. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Orange Mini Chooclate Eggs is a great one for Easter.
  4. Matchmakers now have Zingy Orange Cookies as a different taste to their usual range.
  5. Divine has delicious (oh my they are) Orange Thins, smooth milk chocolate with an orange crisp.
  6. Butterkist has a crunchy Orange Chocolate Flavoured Popcorn (my particular favourite).
  7. Maltesers now have orange flavoured buttons.
  8. Yorkie has a limited-edition Orange Flavour
  9. Finally, if you fancy it in ice cream then try the Mackies of Scotland Orange and Honeycomb Ice Cream.