Coffee & Carry Gift Set at £55 from Hawwl Store (Use code shop small for 10% off all orders).- for every day, a large waterproof tote bag by Rains is a classic, along with a coffee keep cup. Ideal for school run, dog walk, a pit stop at the park or morning routine! The tote bag is also available in Olive.

Wine & Wool Gift Set at £115 from Hawwl Store (Use code shop small for 10% off all orders). – perfect for the wine lover. A portable wine tumbler crafted from high-quality glass wrapped in protective silicone, with an organic undyed Gotland sheep wool throw. What more does one need for a cosy night in or cosy night out. Another colour is available for the wine tumbler.

The Portable Leather Drinks Box at £595.00 from Life of Riley – An addition to the leather heritage collection is the leather drinks box. Features include an integral ice bucket complete with leather handled ice tongs and leather handled corkscrew and bottle opener. There is space for two bottles and a drawer with 9 stainless steel beaker style cups. The leather drinks box is a once in a lifetime gift for a special person or couple. Choose to add an embossed leather matching luggage tag, attach it to the drinks box, and remember a special occasion.


  • Removable ice bucket & leather handled ice tongs
  • Leather handled corkscrew
  • Leather handled bottle opener
  • 9 stainless steel cups
  • Please note bottles are not included 

A Deluxe Flask & Mug Picnic Set For Two People for £44.99 from Greenfield Collection – The Deluxe Flask Picnic and Mug set with fitted accessories has everything you need to enjoy warm drinks and a small picnic for up to two people wherever you go. It’s stylish and practical design is also a perfect walking gift for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hug in a Box Gift Set – Recycled Wool Blanket for £45 from Atlantic Blankets – Whether you are looking for a thoughtful gift to send to someone you care about or are practicing some well-deserved self-love, our beautiful hug in a box gift set has all the answers. Full of comfort and feel-good vibes, it includes a sumptuous recycled wool blanket, a soothing candle, a delicious slab of chocolate and a Hug in a Box gift card that can be personalised with a note of your choice. Lovingly parcelled into a beautifully presented gift box, this luxury ensemble can be sent straight to your desired delivery address for a gift that keeps on giving.

Fire & Function Gift Set at £35.00 from Hawwl Store (Use code shop small for 10% off all orders). – for the cook, a vegetarian grilling and bbq cookbook, with over 70 recipes. with deep enamel plates sturdy enough for outside and yet beautiful enough for indoor use…

The Ultimate Foraging Gift Set at £60 from Dollys on Not On The High Street. The perfect gift for those who love the outdoors, going for walks, being in nature and learning new things. This limited edition gift set, is only available while stocks last.

The kit includes a woven palm leaf basket, an easy-to-follow guide on where to find wild foods in the UK, safely identifying, storing and preparing your food from a leading expert, pruning scissors, a bamboo box and two organic cotton bags for storing your findings.

Each gift box includes:

1. A beautiful woven palm leaf basket with handles

2. The ultimate guide to foraging: Foraging For Wild Foods by David Squire. A paperback book containing all the information you need to know about foraging and self-sufficiency

3. Cast iron foraging scissors

4. Two foraging bags – 100% organic cotton, which are machine washable.

This Lightweight Flask Travel Set which includes 2 cups is £31.99 from La Denz on Amazon and is made from 304 stainless steel and BPA Free food grade plastic this double walled vacuum insulated flask is designed to keep your tea, coffee or soup hot for up to 12 hours or keep chilled drinks including wine, beer sports or carbonated drinks cool for up to 6 hours. It includes 2 cups (inner and outer) a nylon carry strap and a small storage container, making this flask the perfect travel drink bottle. When your home use the included 24cm long sponge brush to effortlessly clean your leakproof thermal vacuum flask.


Who doesn’t like the smell of aromatherapy oils, but they are mostly found in the beauty salons. But now you can get them in products you can use around the home.

In an article I read in Good Housekeeeping, Aromatherapy Associates – the efficacious essential oil blends are second to none and it has collaborated with chic, eco-friendly homecare brand The Laundress to launch laundry and cleaning products.

Wiping worktops and washing take on a new meaning when using their Surface Cleanser and Dish Soap (£25) each, which are laced with the Aromatherapy Associates uplifting, head-clearing blend Support Breathe. From porcelain to granite, this highly concentrated cleaning formula is safe and effective on every surface—even finished wood. Mop all the floors in your home, clean the entire bathroom. Plant-based and packed with active ingredients—a little goes a long way!

Breathe new life into dishwashing! When life throws cooking messes your way, take a deep breath and transform the cleanup into a wellbeing ritual. Powered by Aromatherapy Associates’ Support Breathe oil blend, this do-it-all dishwashing formula releases soothing vapors to renew and improve clarity and works on contact to remove grease, baked-on food, and cooking messes.

Scented in Support Breathe, hand-blended with the finest Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree oils.

All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate by the Laundress

Deep Relax Signature Detergent (£35) makes your bed linen into a soft, slumber-inducing cocoon.

Set the stage for a calm, restful night! We infused our best-selling Signature Detergent formula with Aromatherapy Associates’ Deep Relax, a serene blend of natural essential oils designed to help you slip out of overdrive and into sweet dreams. Ideal for laundering linens, bedding, sleepwear, and loungewear to achieve a transformative clean and help create a tranquil space.

Scented in Deep Relax, a serene blend of earthy Vetiver, comforting Chamomile, and enchanting Sandalwood.

Deep Relax Signature Detergent by the Laundress

They are not cheap but I know someone in my family who will definitely go for these. And why not we work hard to keep our homes clean and tidy. The website is beautiful and entices you in to look at all they have available.