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A pinch of salt added to margarine makes whisking quicker.

If your custard goes lumpy, quickly put the base of the pan into some cold water and keep whisking until things are going smoothly again.

For firmer whipped cream, beat it with honey rather than sugar.

If you add a beaten egg slowly to your batter mix it prevents the batter from becoming too stiff.

Eggs will whip more easily if left for 10 minutes in cold water before breaking.

If you want firm meringues, add a teaspoon of cornflour to the sugar before beating into the egg white, and to make meringue with the same number of eggs, add one tablespoon of water per egg.

Over whipping cream can ruin the best desert, it usually happens most often in hot weather or if the cream has been left out of the fridge for a while. If the cream looks more like butter just fold in a splash of milk to restore it.

To fix over-beaten whipped cream, stir a tablespoon or two of cold, un-whipped cream into the bowl.

Cream must be very cold to whip properly.

Begin whipping your egg whites on low speed until they become foamy and frothy.

Finally, electric whisks are easy to store, perfect for creaming butter, making meringues and easy cake recipes and stand mixers are good for mixing, whipping, whisking and also kneading dough.


I have to say I would find it hard to say which was my favourite gadget of the 70’s as there were so many iconic devices that I would still us them now.

Can you remember the Breville toasted sandwich maker, the Swan Teasmade and the Soda Stream. Hostess trolleys, the pressure cooker and the stand mixer?

Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia.

I  loved the toasted sandwich maker put I do remember it being a bit of a beast to clean and as for the Swan Teasmade well, I am not ashamed to say that I still have a Teasmade but not the original 1970’s one. I just love the fact that |I can wake up in a morning and have an instant cuppa.

The Soda Stream which was invented by Guy Gilbey (of the gin dynasty) in 1903. The reincarnated version is black and sleek. You do have to cough up around £50 for the basic model, but long-term, it could save you cash.

The Hostess trolley was another of my well used items of the 70’s and to be honest if I had the room I would have kept it as it is still useful when having parties but that was back in the day when ALL vegetables were overcooked and soggy so leaving them in the hostess trolley didn’t ruin the flavour at all.

Do you remember the pressure cooker ? It used to frighten me to death, I was sure it was going to blow up every time I used it and as for the stand mixer well I have some friends that still have their Kenwood stand mixer. The only piece left of that I have is the bowl used with the mixer which I still use when baking cakes.

What was your favourite 1970’s kitchen gadget, I’d love to know?