WINCHESTER – Great for local trout when in season and smoked when not. It’s help Bi monthly on a Sunday.

STROUD – Great for local cheeses and Gloucester Old Spot Pork Pie. There is also a large fresh fruit choice and is held every Saturday.

STOKE NEWINGTON, LONDON – This is an award winning organic market, which encourages urban organic farming and is held on Saturday’s.

EDINBURGH – Great for meat, smoked salmon and local fish in season and is held every Saturday.

RIPLY, SURREY – This is a charity market run by volunteers, with all proceeds going to local charities (what a brilliant idea) and is held the 2nd Saturday of the month.

HARROGATE, YORKSHIRE – Great for pies, local meats and cheeses with over forty stalls. It;s held the second Thursday of the month.