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19. Nadiya Hussain’s Scone Pizza Recipe in her book “Nadiya Bakes”

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Nadiya Hussain’s cookbook “Nadiya Bakes” includes her version of the traditional scone.

The Daily Beast wrote “Topped with clotted cream and blueberries, this creative scone from “The Great British Bake Off” champion Nadiya Hussain’s cookbook is deliciously improper. Once she began baking one of the first recipes she learned how to make was for the traditional scone. But while she may be a star baker now, her first try making this quintessential British treat didn’t go so well.

“I very much over handled [the dough], so it was tough and chewy,” says Hussain. “My teacher told me, ‘Overworked.’ It’s one of the fundamentals you learn that I go back to time and time again. I love classic scones.”

Taking inspiration from another classic, her recipe for scone pizza is a fantastically nontraditional version of the teatime staple. It’s featured in her latest book Nadiya Bakes, which was released last summer.

Her recipe does make a single, large pizza-like scone that is flavored with lavender and lemon, and is topped with layers of clotted cream and blueberry jam. The scone pizza takes less than an hour to make in total, and it’s the sheer swiftness of the recipe that she finds most comforting.

Source: The Daily Beast , Amazon