Heath & Heather are what they like to be called ‘herbal pioneers’. A well established tea company which started back in 1920.

They blend fruit and herbal infusions that are free from artificial ingredients at affordable prices.

They have built their reputation on using 100% natural fruit and herbal infusions, and using no artificial flavours or colourings.

The products range from some with antioxidant properties like the popular green tea, to all types of relaxing teas such as Camomile, and Night Time. Some other teas include Rosehip for wellbeing, and lemon and ginger.

They have a great range to choose from and would make an ideal gift for someone for Christmas. I always drink Camomile before I go to bed and swear by its calming effects. They share their online shop with Typhoo, but also have a mail order form.

Heath and Heather