We all love hot chocolate especially on a cold day but how many of us have tried some of the world’s famous chocolatiers ‘hot chocolates’?

Some of the best and most luxurious blends are another great gift for a chocolate lover.

The famous Hotel Chocolat make a ‘Classic Dark Drinking Chocolate’, to simply die for, made with grated flakes of 70% dark chocolate and just brimming with the deep, authentic flavours of cocoa. For those who like their drinking chocolate not too sweet and packed with a full-on chocolaty taste.

Hot Chocolate

Or try the Charbonnel et Walker Original Drinking Chocolate from the purveyors of fine English chocolates since 1875. Chocolate Charbonnel recreates the use of real chocolate as a drink. Traditionally in English Chocolate Houses, it was a mixture of chocolate and water only, however, for today’s taste people seem to prefer a richer drink made with milk.

And finally why not taste my piece de resistance choice which is Montezuma’s Chilli Drinking Chocolate which has a real ‘bite’ to it. ( ) Montezuma’s only started making hand made chocolates in 2000, and now have a massive range of chocolate on offer.