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1.When using two fillings (jam and cream), spread each one on a different half of the cake and then sandwich together.

2.If you haven’t got time to decorate your cake then wrap it with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight before you decorate it.

3.Incorporate dry ingredients together with a whisk before adding them to wet ingredients.

4.Always start and end with dry ingredients when alternating with wet ones.

5.Ingredients for cakes should always be at room temperature.

6.Put a tablespoon of tapioca into your apple pie, it will absorb excess water while baking.

7.Store flour in an airtight container as it keeps better that way.

8.To keep cartons of double cream fresher for longer, turn the carton upside down in the fridge.

9.If your custard goes lumpy then quickly pop the base of the pan into some cold water and keep whisking until it is smooth again.

10.For firmer whipped cream, beat with honey rather than sugar.

11.Use sunflower oil spray to grease as this saves messing with butter.