Vintage tea cosy

Whittards of Chelsea have two new tea flavours, both which sound delicious.

Strawberry and Vanilla, which is an infusion of fresh ripe strawberry and rich creamy vanilla.

Lychee and Mango, which is an infusion of lychee and juicy mango.

To give them a try go to their website


Afternoon Tea

The Tea Palace is introducing two new teas, the ‘Jasmine White Monkey’ and ‘Just Jasmine’.

The ‘White Monkey’, is the perfect marriage of delicate ‘White Monkey Green Tea’, and whole jasmine blossom. It’s made from a rare China green tea that grows in the Taimu mountains scented with whole jasmine blossom.

The fresh jasmine is scattered over the youngest leaves and unopened buds and is processed by hand, to produce a beautifully delicate, sweet tasting tea.

‘Just Jasmine’, is a Limited Edition pure floral infusion which is delicately scented pure whole jasmine blossom and nothing else.

It’s both calming and uplifting, and may help relaxation and counteract stress. It gives a naturally caffeine-free aromatic and distinctive sweet floral infusion.

The best of these new teas and others at the tea palace, is that they have ‘sample caddy’s’ so you can see if you like the taste before you buy a full caddy.