‘Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Care’,  is a book written by Milly Johnson, and just like anything else ‘Afternoon Tea’ related I could not resist reading it. It did not disappoint me – the book is a brilliant read.

Basically its about a girl called Connie who was pretty devoted to her husband Jimmy whom she thought was also devoted to her. But then she discovers that he’s been having affairs for the past twenty-four years, and that the chocolates she believed he bought her as a sign of love were in actual fact just a cover up so she decides to get her revenge.

Along with Della Frostick, Jimmy’s right-hand woman at his cleaning firm, Diamond Shine, Connie decides to destroy Jimmy’s life from the inside. Together they will set up a rival business called Lady Muck, and along with the cleaning ladies who meet at the Sunflower Café, they’ll make him wish he had never so much as looked at another woman.

Then Connie meets the charming Brandon Locke, a master chocolatier, whose kind chocolate-brown eyes start to melt her soul. Can the ladies of the Sunflower Café help Connie scrub away the hurt? And can Brandon cure her affliction and make her smile again…? You will have to buy the book to find out.

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