I was sent this beautiful ‘Lucky Cow Waterfall Backflow Cone Incense Burner Incense Decoration‘ for my home from ‘Lucky Incense‘, to write a review on it.

The backflow incense burner is made of ceramic material and measures 13.6 x 11cm and is 5.2cm high and costs £23.

The stone mills incense waterfall implies that every dog has his day and if you put it in your home it can help to make money and make your home full of popularity. It is conductive of bringing good luck to your home.

The smoke of the back flowing incense flows along the stone mill like you can see from the images, it flows down slowly looking like a pretty paining. Aside from the luck it may send you its just such a lovely peace to have around and looks amazing when lit.

It’s extremely ornamental and would look great in any home old or modern.

To work the incense burner you need to remember that the cone will produce quite a bit of heat so it is important that you place the cone in the container it comes in.

Place the core in the container with the point facing upwards then use a match or candle to light the cone. Either carefully light a match or use a lighter to light the very top of the cone until it has a flame when you take the match or lighter away from it.

The flame does not need to appear very long, just watch for the orange glow on the tip. Once the flame disappears, the tip of the cone should continue to glow orange.

If it looks dark when you take the flame away, try to relight it until the tip is orange again.

If you want to finish using the incense before it expires then gently fan it to ensure the flame is completely out.

It makes a lovely and very unusual gift for anyone who enjoys using incense sticks. There are a lot of choice to choose from on the Lucky Incense website.


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