If, like me you love your daily cuppa the minute you wake up then you need to read the following reasons why they actually say you should NOT have your tea on an empty stomach.

  1. Tea should be avoided if you are suffering from acidity, as the high content of caffeine can increase your acidity levels.
  2. Tea may cause constipation: A chemical current within the tea referred to as Theophylline can have a unfavorable impact in your digestive system which might result in constipation. Many people begin our day with tea because it helps in clear bowel motion however consuming a number of it will probably result in constipation.
  3. Consuming tea very first thing within the morning can inhibit the absorption of different vitamins, based on a report in NDTV.
  4. Tea has traces of nicotine, which makes you hooked on the beverage.

In fact, the best time to drink tea is 1-2 hours after consuming your breakfast. Be sure to are usually not empty abdomen, you may also have tea within the night with some snacks.

Source: Toptenews.in India.com NDTV


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