Coffee and chocolate go extremely well together so why not buy a gift that has both coffee and chocolate in the present?

Quirky Chocolates have a Coffee Lovers Chocolate Hamper for £28 which has a hamper for a coffee lover, featuring three handmade artisan coffee bars and a stylish E-Coffee reusable coffee cup. A tasty gift for chocolate and coffee lovers, this hamper comes beautifully presented in a craft box, and ribbon.

The three bars included are as follows:

Cappuccino chocolate 
Inspired by the classic creamy frothy cappuccino coffee. We have mixed freshly brewed espresso coffee with milk chocolate to create a delicious coffee ganache, which has been piped into a white chocolate shell, then topped with a dusting of cinnamon.  

Flat White Coffee chocolate
Fine Espresso coffee has been blended with smooth milk chocolate, and then topped with a white chocolate swirl just like your Quirky Chocolate barista! 

Espresso chocolate
Made using 55% Belgian dark chocolate and combined with Ground and Whole Beans. Be warned, this bar packs a punch!

The coffee used in the bars come from Highland coffee roasters Roaring Stag who are based in Ballater, Royal Deeside. We have selected their ‘Guatemalan Dark’ Blend Coffee which has been roasted to the point of “second crack”. It has light, fruit flavours with sweet honey and a luxury chocolate finish.

These Slitti’s original chocolate spoons – As featured on Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen! look absolutely deeeeelicious and would make a great gift at £11.95

Slitti Chocolate Spoons have reached cult status in the world of chocolate. They were invented by Andrea Slitti in 1993 and have been imitated many times over the years.

Made with gourmet quality pure chocolate (60% cocoa) coated with fine extra-cocoa powder. They very slowly melt as you stir your coffee adding a wonderful essence to the coffee while gaining in flavour themselves.

The Coffee Box from Coffee Box UK for £26.99

The Brazilian coffee gift set includes:

  • Dear Green Coffee – Brazil, Fazenda Pantano Ground Coffee 250g
  • Neighbourhood Coffee – Espresso Yourself Ground Coffee 250g
  • Volcano Balanced All Day Ground Coffee 200g
  • The Great British Biscotti – Chunky Chocolate 100g
  • Choc Affair – Classic Dark Chocolate Bar

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