A hilarious, family-friendly cookbook from the creators of the hit Netflix baking show Nailed It! If you love your bake off programs whether in the UK TV or on Netflix and love to bake then you will love this book. Available to buy from November 1st but you can pre-order a copy from Amazon.

Baking is not for the faint of heart. The perfect result may require overnight refrigeration, weighing different flours, a deft hand with a piping bag, and endless patience. But why let perfectionism ruin a good thing? Like the hit Netflix series, the Nailed It! cookbook asks bakers to take themselves and their sweets a little less seriously, offering sound advice for better baking (and an even better time doing it) by embracing the failures that happen along the way. The book includes recipes and photographs of drool-worthy baked goods, accompanied by tips for how to set up your own Nailed It! challenge, helpful tricks of the trade from the likes of judge Jacques Torres, the hilarious commentary and perspective host Nicole Byer provides, and images of epic fails throughout.

Nailed It! is a book for bakers of every age and every skill level, perfect for families and friends to come together and get their hands (and their kitchens) dirty. With hilarious behind-the-scenes peeks and odes to the show’s most iconic baking disasters, it’s also a must-have companion for every fan.


There are over 15 reasons to drink chamomile tea, but make sure you know how to buy it and brew it.

1.It can soothe your nerves and rest your mind.

2. It’s a naturally caffeine free herbal tea.

3. It is soothing and relaxing and is known to work as a muscle relaxant and antispasmodic.

4. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities.

5. It helps to induce sleep.

6. It soothes skin irritations.

7. It can help bronchitis.

8. It can heal mouth sores and prevent gum disease.

9. It can treat IBS and other gastrointestinal complaints.

10.It can relieve toothache.

11.It can help with bladder problems.

12.It can reduce menstrual cramps.

13.It’s good for kidney and spleen health.

14.It can help alleviate symptoms of the common cold.

15.It can help expel worms and other parasites.

16.It can help improve liver function.

17.It can help relieve back pain and improve rheumatism.

18.If you add one quarter of a cup of cranberry juice with one teacup of chamomile it can help digest food after a meal. Cranberry juice cleanses the palate while chamomile settles the stomach.

19.Chamomile, lavender with valerian root, are natural sedative, and a natural alternative to sleeping pills. Chamomile, Lavender and Rose are also known to aid restful sleep and soothe the nervous system.

20.If you steep your tea for 3 minutes or more it can release more beneficial antioxidants into the water.

21.When buying loose-leaf tea, make sure it smells fresh and vibrant.

22.Drink your tea at the right temperature for the most health benefits. It should be below 140F. Too hot a cup of tea can damage cells in your throat.

23.Check the packet labels to check whether you’re buying a blend or single variety.

24.To get the most healthiest benefits from tea choose loose leaf tea instead of teabags.

25.A great advantage of loose leaf over bagged tea is your ability to see and smell the product before purchasing it.

26.If buying flavoured tea, check whether the flavouring is natural or a ‘nature-identical’ synthetic. For example, Earl Grey tea flavoured with bergamot oil is far superior to Earl Grey tea with bergamot flavouring.

26.Herbal teas—such as chamomile or Echinacea—are technically tisanes, or infusions of herbs and spices (so they’re not a true tea). But they can also aid in hydration efforts and may provide other health perks.

28.The leaf grade will determine the tea’s brewing time: the smallest leaves are used in teabags because they brew very quickly.

28. Generally, it’s better to buy more intact-looking leaves; a lot of crushed bits can indicate rough handling, excessive processing, and/or stale tea. Let your nose gauge the quality: Sniff for freshness and richness.

30.Tea has a long shelf-life, but both leaf tea and teabags should be stored in an airtight container or canister in a cool, dark place in order to preserve the original flavour for as long as possible.

Source: BBC Food, Bicycling