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I just couldn’t resist downloading this book,The Minimalist Cleaning Method
I mean I am sure we are ALL house proud (defo me) but anything that would do it quicker is a must for me. This book is brilliant it has lists on minimalist cleaning supplies, how to protect your home from dirt and cleaning recipes for all the the following –

Spray cleaners
Bucket cleaners
Furniture polish
Powdered cleansers
Liquid soaps
Drain cleaners
Toilet bowl cleaners
Air fresheners
Laundry supplies
Dishwashing liquid
Personal care recipes
Insect control solutions

If you are tired of the old inefficient, expensive ways of cleaning then, The Minimalist Cleaning Method contains the answers you have been looking for.

After my daughter moved recently the shower screen was always difficult to keep clean (hard water problem etc) until I used one of the cleaning recipes on here and now it looks just like new.


Gifts from the kitchen

Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 Irresistible Homemade Presents for Every Occasion by Annie Rigg

What could be more wonderful than receiving a jar of piquant mango chutney, a tray of gooey brownies, a bottle of fresh raspberry cordial or a box of delicate almond friends?

With the current trend for all things thrifty and creative, now is the perfect time to explore the tradition of making and giving something homemade.

This book is accompanied by creative packaging ideas and with a huge variety of recipes and ideas for every season and occasion – from candied almonds and Chinese fortune cookies to slow-roasted tomatoes and macaroons – there is sure to be something for everyone here, whether you want to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, the arrival of a new baby, welcome someone into their new home or just say thank you.


Tea caddy

I was really excited when I was asked to review some teas from ‘We Are Tea’, who opened a tea shop in London in 2007.

The husband and wife team set about making their ‘tea’ the most important beverage at their tea shop, and were able to find out first hand which teas the customers liked best.

They sell whole-leaf teabags using biodegradable tea bags and they also have loose leaf tea caddies.

One of the teas I was sent was called ‘Earl Grey Supreme’ made up from the finest black teas and scented with oil of bergamont and sprinkled with cornflowers. It has a really distinctive aroma and I found it a lovely relaxing drink.

Another one ‘Ceylon with Vanilla’ which was scented with real vanilla was gorgeous and sweet. Perfect to have with some afternoon tea cakes.

One of my favourites was ‘Moroccan Mint’ which had green tea and peppermint leaf in it. I found it very refreshing and revitalising.

Their ‘Super Berry’ tea which is packed with berries is an ideal tea to have before bedtime as it has no caffeine in it and is really fruity. A brilliant tea for soaking your dried fruit in for your fruit cake.

Another unusual one ‘Revitalise the rejuvenating’ had lemon grass, liquorice root, ginger, lemon peel, peppermint and pepper and was sampled by my son while trying to cope with really bad jet-lag. He said it definitely hit the spot !!!

The finale for me was ‘Chamomile Flowers’, which was exactly what it says in the name. A tea full of whole chamomile flowers and a perfect remedy for insomniacs. I had the best nights sleep in ages after drinking this.

The company ‘We Are Tea’, say they are ‘independent’ and proud of it, they use the whole leaf ‘always’, the teas are ‘hand-packed in the UK, they are a member of the ethical tea partnership and they have an amazing ’36’ ‘Great Taste’ awards for their teas.

Super Berry Tea


Tea Revives you

The difference between green, black and oolong tea is the process used to make them.

Black tea is exposed to air, or fermented, which darkens the leaves and gives them flavour.

Green tea is made by heating or quickly steaming the leaves.

Oolong tea leaves are partially fermented.

Green tea is very special as they say it can help reduce the risk of heart disease through body weight and blood pressure and cholesterol absorption.



Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache, was written by Harry Eastwood, the author of the ‘Cook Yourself Thin’ Books.

I knew straight away after realising who the author was that I would love this Cookery Book.

She says she ‘loves’ cakes (so do I) from light, fluffy Victoria Sponge to dark and delicious Forbidden Chocolate Brownies (absolutely, now I am really excited).

In Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache, she has brought ingredients from her vegetable garden to make the cakes natural and healthy. For instance she has a Ginger Sticky Toffee Pudding which is made with Parsnips!!! and Orange Squash Cupcakes made with Butternut Squash.

Well I am definitely going to make cakes that are ‘Good for you’ and with some of these secret ingredients I am sure she will have a massive following. Talk about ‘have your cake and eat it’.
I’m off to try the Cupcakes. It’s available from Amazon and other high street book shops.


chocolate cookes

125g caster sugar
60g butter or margarine (softened)
75g desiccated coconut
25g chocolate chips
150g plain flour

Preheat oven to 180C Gas 4
Grease or line a baking tray
Beat the butter and sugar in a bowl until smooth
Add the egg
Keeping 2 tbsp coconut aside, add the rest to the dough with the flour, until smooth
Divide dough into around 16 and roll into a ball
Roll into the remaining coconut and then flatten each ball to around 4cm circle
Press in a few chocolate chips onto the top of each cookie
Place on the baking tray
Bake for around 15 minutes until slightly golden
Leave to cool on a wire rack