Last minute handmade gift ideas that are great for #christmas. Easy to follow these lovely teacup candles infographic from Pinterest.

If you haven’t got any tea cups to use how about these shells instead, also from Pinterest

If you are handy with the knitting needles and have some spare wool around why not get this free tea cosy pattern from Love Knitting on Pinterest.

Or copy this DIY cup cosy also found on Pinterest

There are lots of easy handmade gifts all around tea which could soon be knocked up for any tea lover. These were just a few I found on Pinterest. It has inspired me to quickly knit up some of the cup cosy for my friends.




photo-4In 1484 tea’s popularity reaches a new height when Zen priest Murata Shuko introduced the Cha-no-yu or Hot Water For Tea ceremony, which celebrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of tea preparation and drinking.

In 1560 the first European to encounter tea and write about it was Jasper de Cruz, a missionary on Portugal’s first commercial trade journey to China. Portugal, the most advanced navy at the time, was the first European country to gain the right of trade with China.

In 1773 American nationalists dump crates of tea from a British ship into the sea in protest over rising taxes imposed by the British colonists. Known today as the Boston Tea Party, the riot served as a catalyst for the American War of Independence.

In the 1800s tea grows in demand across the globe. Competition between shipowners for the fastest transportation of tea along the Far East shipping routes leads to the development of the Tea Clipper races.

In 1870 Ceylon (today, Sri Lanka), one of the biggest names in tea, was a late bloomer. Up to 1870, the country had grown only coffee, but in that year a severe coffee blight threatened to destroy the industry overnight. The coffee planters then turned to the wild Ceylonese tea plant in a desperate gamble to save their fortunes, and it paid off. Today, Ceylonese tea is widely regarded as some of the best teas in the world.





Tea cups

Marlow’s long-established tea room in a Grade 11 listed building at The Causeway is a must visit tea room if you are in the area. The bay windows offer views of Marlow High Street and Higginson Park, a delightful setting from which to enjoy a hot chocolate and toasted tea cake.

The family business began in 1942, when Eric & Marie Burger moved to Marlow to open a ‘Continental Confectioners’. Originating from the French speaking region of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, the Burger family name is pronounced “Bur-jer” with a soft ‘g’.

Eric & Marie’s two younger sons, Philippe and Bernard, both trained in the business, and continued the tradition of creating beautiful bread, patisserie and chocolates on the premises. Bernard continues to manage the business today, along with his daughter, Rachel.
Enjoy a pot of tea, with light and fluffy scones straight from the oven, their cream tea is just one of the delights of the tea room. They also serve a morning espresso, a lovely continental breakfast or a hearty full English. The lunch menu offers their famous welsh rarebit and other traditional treats, as well as a fresh range of sandwiches and salads,


Twinnings Heart Tea

With Valentines Day only a matter of days away, I thought I would share this unique gift with you all.

It’s perfect as a romantice gesture for someone who loves tea and has a passion for fine chocolate.

Twinnings have worked together with artisan master chocolatiers, Chika Watanabe from ‘Melt Chocolates’, to design an individually crafted hand finished milk chocolate heart that is hollow in the center, which contains Love Tea, an enchanting flower tea.

The only trouble is that they only have 100 hearts available so if you want it you will need to order it pretty quickly. Go to their website for more details