If you’ve heard anything about Vegas, then you know that the area is absolutely wild. Las Vegas has a ton to offer those that are looking for excitement and thrills, making it the perfect place for adventurous types to get away to. You certainly don’t need to look for Las Vegas houses for sale in order to get the whole Vegas experience, as there are plenty of great places to stay in the city. One of the best areas to stay at is The Strat Hotel, a place that has plenty of amenities to satisfy your every desire. So what does The Strat Hotel have that can satiate your needs for thrills and excitement? Here’s why thrill-seekers should visit and stay at The Strat Hotel in Las Vegas. 


The first thing that thrill-seekers will notice about The Strat Hotel is its amazing casino. It’s no secret that many people come to Vegas to gamble, as Vegas and gambling are essentially intertwined. Gambling can be a huge thrill, as you can risk thousands of dollars in the hope of gaining even more money. Thankfully for thrill-seekers, The Strat Hotel’s casino is home to hundreds of machines and dozens of card tables, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities for you to chase your gambling highs. Thrill-seekers go to Vegas to gamble, and there’s no better place to do it at than The Strat Hotel.


You might not expect dining to be a part of the thrills, but at The Strat Hotel it certainly is. Here you can wine and dine hundreds of feet above Las Vegas, giving you a fantastic view of the city’s skyline as you eat your meal. At the hotel’s “Top of the World”, you can enjoy a fantastic dinner while the restaurant revolves 360 degrees every eighty minutes. Alternatively you can enjoy any of the other eateries in the hotel, offering up food that ranges from heartland classics to exotic foreign dishes. The Strat Hotel is so adventurous and awe inspiring that even its dining experience is perfect for thrill seekers. 


One of the more interesting things about The Strat Hotel is the SkyPod. The SkyPod offers plenty of thrills for guests, and is the perfect location for those seeking some excitement in your life. One can ride to the top, enjoying one of the best views of the Las Vegas skyline. Here you can drink and dine, taking in the gorgeous view of Vegas the entire time. If that isn’t thrilling enough for you, the SkyPod has an extra feature. The Skypod actually has rides, just like an amusement park would. Here you can ride thrilling rides that will suspend you dozens of stories in the air, or dangle you at the precipice of falling. These rides are extremely intense, and are only recommended to the biggest thrillseekers. 


Thrill-seekers will surely find some amazing entertainment that is right up their alley at The Strat Hotel. At The Strat Hotel, you’ll find entertainers such as acrobats, aerialists, and magicians. These entertainers all put on amazing performances that you’ve never seen before, performances that are guaranteed to thrill and excite you. Although many people may be fine with common cookie-cutter entertainment options like musical or dance numbers, thrill-seekers want something a little more. Thankfully The Strat Hotel obliges and provides some truly memorable entertainment for their Vegas guests. If you’re looking for some wild and unpredictable shows in Vegas, then you can find them at The Strat Hotel.


photo-4In 1484 tea’s popularity reaches a new height when Zen priest Murata Shuko introduced the Cha-no-yu or Hot Water For Tea ceremony, which celebrates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of tea preparation and drinking.

In 1560 the first European to encounter tea and write about it was Jasper de Cruz, a missionary on Portugal’s first commercial trade journey to China. Portugal, the most advanced navy at the time, was the first European country to gain the right of trade with China.

In 1773 American nationalists dump crates of tea from a British ship into the sea in protest over rising taxes imposed by the British colonists. Known today as the Boston Tea Party, the riot served as a catalyst for the American War of Independence.

In the 1800s tea grows in demand across the globe. Competition between shipowners for the fastest transportation of tea along the Far East shipping routes leads to the development of the Tea Clipper races.

In 1870 Ceylon (today, Sri Lanka), one of the biggest names in tea, was a late bloomer. Up to 1870, the country had grown only coffee, but in that year a severe coffee blight threatened to destroy the industry overnight. The coffee planters then turned to the wild Ceylonese tea plant in a desperate gamble to save their fortunes, and it paid off. Today, Ceylonese tea is widely regarded as some of the best teas in the world.





Tea cups

Marlow’s long-established tea room in a Grade 11 listed building at The Causeway is a must visit tea room if you are in the area. The bay windows offer views of Marlow High Street and Higginson Park, a delightful setting from which to enjoy a hot chocolate and toasted tea cake.

The family business began in 1942, when Eric & Marie Burger moved to Marlow to open a ‘Continental Confectioners’. Originating from the French speaking region of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, the Burger family name is pronounced “Bur-jer” with a soft ‘g’.

Eric & Marie’s two younger sons, Philippe and Bernard, both trained in the business, and continued the tradition of creating beautiful bread, patisserie and chocolates on the premises. Bernard continues to manage the business today, along with his daughter, Rachel.
Enjoy a pot of tea, with light and fluffy scones straight from the oven, their cream tea is just one of the delights of the tea room. They also serve a morning espresso, a lovely continental breakfast or a hearty full English. The lunch menu offers their famous welsh rarebit and other traditional treats, as well as a fresh range of sandwiches and salads,


Twinnings Heart Tea

With Valentines Day only a matter of days away, I thought I would share this unique gift with you all.

It’s perfect as a romantice gesture for someone who loves tea and has a passion for fine chocolate.

Twinnings have worked together with artisan master chocolatiers, Chika Watanabe from ‘Melt Chocolates’, to design an individually crafted hand finished milk chocolate heart that is hollow in the center, which contains Love Tea, an enchanting flower tea.

The only trouble is that they only have 100 hearts available so if you want it you will need to order it pretty quickly. Go to their website for more details



Its Bramely Apple Week 5th – 12th February, 2012. We all love the truly British Bramley apple but I bet you didn’t know that the first Bramley apple tree was grown from pips planted in 1809 by Mary Ann Brailsford, in the garden at her home in Nottinghamshire (not far from me).

Over the years the house changed hands and in 1856 while a butcher called Matthew Bramley was living in the house a gentleman called Henry Merryweather asked Mr Bramley if he could take some cuttings from the apple tree and start to sell the apples. Mr Bramley agreed to this, on the proviso that the apples were called after him. However in 1900 the original apple tree was blown down during a bad storm, but miraculously it didn’t die but survived and still bears fruit to this day, over 200 years after it was first planted.

In 2003 the Bramley apple tree was one of fifty British trees chosen by the Tree Council to mark Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee.

To celebrate the Bramley you can take the New Bramley Classic Challenge The Bramley apple pie and crumble are two of the nation’s favourite desserts, but now we are looking for another Bramley ‘classic’ worthy of sitting alongside them.

We have teamed up with Mark Hix, award-winning restaurateur, star of The Great British Menu and author of Hix Oyster and Chop House, British Seasonal Food and British Regional Food, to call upon you to invent a new classic dessert that uses that most British of ingredients, the Bramley apple.

Perhaps it’s an old family favourite you’ve been cooking for years or maybe you fancy
inventing something from scratch, either way, let your imagination run wild and if
Mark thinks yours is the most creative ‘classic’ then you will win a cookery masterclass
with Mark and if that was not enough, your dish will take pride of place on the menu
at HIX restaurants. For more details go to the website


afternoon tea

An £11 Afternoon Tea in Covent Garden is on offer which is 30% off and exclusive to

Afternoon Tea at Kingsway Hall Hotel is located in the heart of London close to Covent Garden and within walking distance of the West End and Theatre Land.

Until 29th February, Kingsway Hall are offering 30% off their Afternoon Tea, exclusively for customers – that’s just £11.17 per person (normally £15.95).

Afternoon Tea is available from 12pm until 7pm daily and includes the following:

■a selection of finger sandwiches
■oven-warmed plain & fruit scones with clotted cream & strawberry preserve
■the patissier’s selection of mini pastries and fruit cake
■and a choice of one hot beverage from the Twinings Tea Rituals selection
A discretionary service charge of 15% will be added to your bill.

For more details and to book online go to


Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet is a book on the best of home baking.

This is Dan Lepard’s first book but he certainly seems to know his stuff.

It’s filled with mouth-watering sweet and savoury recipes as well as a host of tips and tricks.

With gorgeous inspiring pictures to browse through, you will soon be popping the pinney on and getting the baking tins out.

A great book for Mothers Day.