National Cupcake Week is 19th-25th September, 2016 but they already have their National Cupcake Champions.

On Wednesday 14th September at AB Mauri Centre of Excellence, 10 experts spent the day trying and tasting delicious little cakes of joy from 5 different categories. The cupcakes were individually rated by our experts to give a category winner. Each category winner was then judged to give your our cupcake champion!


This event is brought to you by British Baker, the only industry title to cover the entire baking industry, including craft, ingredients, equipment, food-to-go, snacks, coffee shops, as well as plant bakery and supermarkets.

The week itself (19-25 September 2016) is designed to help promote the popularity of cupcakes in order to help bakery businesses boost their sales.

In addition to National Cupcake Week itself, they have an annual competition called the National Cupcake Championships, which serves to celebrate and reward the talent in the cupcake industry. In 2016, the competition’s eight year.

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Head down to the National Cupcake Week website for lots of information on this very popular awareness day.


National Cup Cake Week

The entry to The National Cup Cake Week has been extended to Friday 29 August 2014.

National Cupcake Week 2014 takes place between 15-21 September and is a huge celebration of the tasty treats.

They will be announce the finalists of the 2014 Cupcake Championships during the week itself, but they are also calling on you – the cupcake connoisseurs – to make the week as big as you can.

How to do it –

Bake cupcakes… lots of them
Show off your cupcakes… in-store or online
Share you cupcakes on our Facebook page or via Twitter @cupcake week
Hold a charity bake sale… remember their charity partner Wellbeing of Women
Support your local businesses…. get buying more cupcakes



Keep Calm and Bake Cakes

National Cupcake Week starts on the 17th-23rd September, which is an ideal way to show how much you adore your cupcakes and show the world your own special recipe.

The website has put together some information and handy tips to help publicise your business.
Also head to their National Cupcake Week Facebook page and share all your news and events with them. They have just reached 1,000 likes with cupcake makers sharing tips and learnings to help maximise their businesses.

Get in the press with what you are doing and if you can manage it, send them some cupcake samples ahead of the week itself to get your talents noticed and talked about in the paper or on the radio.

The website is full of recipe inspirations and competitions.