For anyone who didn’t know it’s Burns Night on January 25th and according to the Awareness Days website it is ‘annually celebrated in Scotland on or around January 25. It commemorates the life and work of the bard (poet) Robert Burns, who was born on January 25, 1759. The day also celebrates Burns’ contribution to Scottish culture. Burns’ best known work is “Auld Lang Syne”.

A typical Burns Night Menu would have :

  • Haggis.
  • Neeps and tatties.       haggis_0 download-3
  • Cranachan. – Although I married a Scotsman I have never tried any of these traditional dishes so on Wednesday we are going out for a typical Burns Night supper. I’m not sure about the Haggis but the Neeps and tatties looks good, but I will post on here on Thursday.

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I am a mum and wife to a lovely caring family. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for over 30 years and started writing my first blog in 2007 which covered back and chronic pain. Since then I have written many more blogs for myself and customers. I find it takes me away from my pain to another place. I love it so much I think it should be part of a recovery process after illness or surgery. I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs.

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